Biotechnology Certificate Program

The Biotechnology Certificate Program (BCP) is a competitive, limited enrollment program emphasizing close supervision and instruction in current theoretical and practical training in molecular life sciences. It was established in 1986 to meet the personnel requirements of the rapidly expanding Bay Area biotechnology industry.

Each course within this program is ten weeks in length, and most courses have a minimum of 60 hours of hands-on training. The current curriculum was designed after extensive consultation with representatives from academic and commercial laboratories in biotechnology.

The Program is staffed by research faculty from the Departments of Biological Sciences and Chemistry. The majority of the BCP faculty have active externally-funded research programs in the molecular life sciences.

Application to the Program generally requires a baccalaureate degree in biology or chemistry, including completion of the following prerequisites:

  • Microbiology (with laboratory)
  • Biochemistry
  • Genetics (within the last 3 years)
  • Cell or Molecular Biology (within the last 3 years)

Complete a University application at CSUMentor and a departmental application (click here). Both are due by April 15 (late BCP applications will be accepted through May 1). Students wishing to also pursue an MS in Biological Sciences can apply to both (see online application) but keep in mind that Master program applications are due April 15 (late applications will not be accepted). BCP applications will be reviewed after the MS/MA application review is complete (during the first week of May).

The 34-unit Biotechnology Certificate
Program is designed to be completed in a typical academic year of three quarters.

Fall Quarter

BIOL 4485
PCR, DNA Sequencing and Fragment Analysis I

BIOL 4490
Introduction to Bioinformatics

BIOL 6151
Cell & Molecular Biology

Winter Quarter

BIOL 6147
Functional Genomics

BIOL 6152
Cell & Molecular Biology II

CHEM 6430
Protein Chemistry Techniques

Spring Quarter

BIOL 4450
Cell Culture Techniques

BIOL 6141
Advanced Molecular Techniques

Please download the BCP Handbook which contains more detailed information about the application process and program policies.

Department of Biological Sciences

Science Building North 429
Department Office: 510-885-3471

Program Coordinator

Dr. Maria Gallegos