I am a student that needs help.

Basic Needs Resources

  • Need help with groceries?  
  • Can't pay your bills due to a crisis situation?
  • Are you homeless or couch-surfing without a permanent place to live?

Academic Support

  • Are you struggling in classes or falling behind?
  • Are you failing a course or need study resources?
  • Need career development assistance?

Academic Accommodations

  • Can't focus or concentrate in class?
  • Experiencing difficulties in a course?
  • Need classroom setting or testing accommodations?

Personal Support

  • Are you homesick or feeling stressed?
  • Are you having relationship difficulties?
  • Are you in a crisis situation and need help?

Financial Aid Emergency

  • Do you need emergency financial help?
  • Difficulty paying for books, supplies or transportation?

Sexual Assault / Violence Survivor Support

  • Have you been assaulted?
  • Have you been threatened?
  • Do you need confidential crisis counseling?