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Recognized Student Organizations

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Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) are designed to engage, support, and encourage involvement as a co-curriculum experience to foster sense of belonging, leadership development, and self-exploration. Student Leadership and Involvement Center supports this mission through recognition and renewal of student organizations, promoting student-led events, and bringing visibility to the diverse student population to build and contribute to an equitable, inclusive, and environmentally sustainable campus.

Recognized Student Organizations - Our Pillars



Creating and cultivating a sense of  belonging through acceptance, feeling and being valued, intentionally included and supported by the East Bay campus community.

Community Engagement

Participating in programming and putting yourself out there to connect and discover your passion and purpose through involvement on and off campus.

Relationship Building

Deepening connections between peers through openness and authenticity to build trust, mutual understanding, communication and respect with one another.


Building and bridging connections with students, faculty, staff and community members to foster and develop a network of opportunities.



Understanding leadership is a process that is inclusive and accessible to everyone, it is not a position but a valued based collaboration.

Individual Values 

Committing to a goal or idea for a period of time and being self-aware of your own values, beliefs, and emotions to align your involvements with your values.

Group Values

Strengthening respect, shared responsibility, and accountability to work with others on a mutual vision and purpose.

Community Values

Creating positive changes when being interconnected by understanding and embracing individuals, groups, and communities.



Exploring and establishing an identity and purpose through developing values, relationships, acceptance, and understanding emotions while navigating life to create independence.


Creating personal goals and commitments while establishing personal values and beliefs and having the ability to be self-accountable.


Recognizing personal freedom and independence while developing self-empowerment.


Processing and understanding emotions as well as discovering one's identity to help build meaningful relationships.

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Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs)
  • 25800 Carlos Bee Boulevard
  • South University Union, Room 2011
  • Hayward, CA 94542
  • Jul Custodio, MPH
  • Academic | Honor Societies
  • Phone: (510) 885-4541
  • Stephanie Ann Lustina, M.A.
  • Cultural | Fraternities & Sororities | Sports & Recreational | Faith Based & Religious | Special Interests
  • Phone: (510) 885-4540