Vendor Permitting

  1. Vendors must come to Lassen Hall (Pioneer Heights) to pay fees and secure an approved permit prior to setting up their displays/tables each day of vending.
  2. Vending hours are from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM (Request for an exception to these hours must be made in advance of your vending date).
  3. Checks are to be made payable to “CSU East Bay”
  4. Each vending space is approximately 10’ by 10’. You may reserve and pay for two adjacent spaces to accommodate large canopies/displays. If your canopy/display is oversized, you will be charged accordingly.
  5. Canopies/displays must be removed at the end of each vending day. Neither the University nor its agents are liable for loss or damage to a vendor's inventory, equipment, or supplies.
  6. Vending spaces are assigned by Commercial Services on a “First-come, first-served basis”. Please reserve your space at least two weeks in advance.
  7. Reservations that include a request for a university-issued folding table/chairs require a non-refundable deposit of $20 per vending day and at least two weeks’ notice.
  8. Vendors may unload their products/equipment at the vending area only after obtaining the daily vending permit from Lassen Hall (Pioneer Heights).
  9. Daily parking permits will be made available to vendors for all lots.
  10. All vending spaces are outdoors, AE Walkway.
  11. Vendors may not use areas beyond their assigned space. Do not set up tables or other materials on lawn or dirt areas.
  12. You are required to stay in your designated vending space. You may not roam the campus nor may you approach or detain passers-by.
  13. Registered CSUEB Students may vend at discounted rates. See the current fee schedule for details.
  14. Vendors who collect personal information from students or other customers are responsible for safeguarding the privacy of such information.
  15. Vendors may not sell items that may infringe on the copyright of others.  Fake or counterfeit items are not allowed. Your vending privileges will be suspended or permanently denied if you violate this provision.
  16. Distribution of ‘incentive gifts’ must not be dependent upon the recipient’s completion/submission of an application or purchase of vendor’s product or services
  17. Vendors selling tangible goods and/or services must have a valid California Resale/Seller’s permit issued by the California Board of Equalization and must include that permit number on their Vendor application.
  18. The University reserves the right to require a non-refundable deposit from any vendor requesting a reservation for multiple spaces and/or multiple sequential days.
  19. Items for sale are subject to approval by Commercial Services.

Commercial solicitation and sales of a product and/or services are prohibited on campus unless prior written authorization has been granted by the Commercial Services department. All commercial services functions must be in compliance with state and county regulations.

  1. Administration of Policy:
    1. The Commercial Services department will administer the commercial service vendor policies and will approve outdoor commercial sales and solicitation for outside vendors.
    2. The maximum number of vendors permitted on campus at any one time may be limited by the Director, University Housing and Commercial Services based upon campus needs and other activities taking place on campus.
    3. Fees: The minimum fee for direct access will be $110.00 (Hayward Campus) and $45 (Concord Campus) per day, made payable in advance. A higher fee may be applicable based upon the cost of goods to the customer, anticipated sales volume, campus services requested, and/or the amount of space required for a specific activity. The University Facility Rental Coordinator must be included in all negotiations prior to the final contract agreement for student organizations.
  2. Handling of Funds:
    1. Funds generated from the commercial vendor service program will be handled by the California State University, East Bay accounting department.
  3. Enforcement:
    1. A commercial vendor who fails to comply with agreed-upon stipulations for the specified sales/solicitation will have its activity terminated and forfeit and funds previously paid.
    2. Enforcement of the policy will rest with the Director, University Housing and Commercial Services.
    3. Students Life will address any violations committed by a student organization or club not following licensing requirements.
  4. Time, Place, and Manner regulations:
    1. Commercial sales and solicitation activities will typically be permitted between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM on Hayward Campus and 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM on Concord Campus, Monday through Friday. Alternative hours must be approved by the Director, University Housing and Commercial Services.
    2. Commercial sales and solicitation by student organizations and other University departments shall be limited to the UU/Bookstore walkway, and upon special consideration, the walkway in front of the gym, art and education, stadium, and amphitheater.
    3. Commercial solicitations that include credit card applications are subject to additional regulations. (Section 1747.02 of the Civil Code, Chapter 1.3; Section 99030 of Part 65 of the Education Code, relating to credit cards.)
      1. Promotions may not require the applicant to be a student for participation.
      2. Educational material about credit card debt must be available with all applications.
      3. Premiums or gifts may not be offered or given as part of the promotion.
    4. Commercial solicitations offering a premium or gift as a part of the promotion may not require participation in the solicitation or sale as a condition for receiving the gift or premium and said item must be made available to any student upon request.
    5. Each vendor must prominently display and present their product or services in a way that does not conflict with State, County, and University policy. The display must be visible to any prospective participant.
    6. A signed copy of the approved campus vendor permit must be on display and visible to the public at all times during the commercial activity.

If you are unable to provide your own insurance coverage renters may purchase insurance through the University. Contact Preauna Hunter, CSUEB Risk Management Coordinator at 510-885-3833 (direct line), for more information.

As an agency of the State of California, there are specific insurance requirements that shall be met in order to use campus facilities.

The Client or Lessee shall furnish the University a "Certificate of Insurance" prior to the commencement of a contract agreement that shall provide:

Evidence of Public Liability (1,000,000 per occurrence/2,000,000 aggregate), Worker's Compensation, and Automobile Liability Insurance (100,000/300,000/100,000). Worker's Comp and Auto Liability are required only if employees of the sponsoring organization/group are driving onto campus to work the event. The sponsor shall provide the campus proof of insurance coverage prior to the start of an event. Failure to do so by the deadline stated below will result in the cancellation of the event.


The following information is needed on the public liability and auto liability additional insurance ENDORSEMENT: Coverage shall be primary and non-contributory.

Endorses the State of California, the Trustees, the University, the CSUEB Student Housing, Dining and Parking Services, their agents, officers, and employees as "additional insured" (The certificate of insurance must specifically state this to be valid.)

The deadline for submission of the Certificate of Insurance is 5 working days prior to the start of the event. Failure to provide the properly executed certificate and endorsement could result in the loss or cancellation of your reservation.

Hayward Campus

Package #1 ($110.00/day)

  • Includes:
    • Single 10'x10' space
    • No equipment provided/self-supplied

Package #2 ($120.00/day)

  • Includes:
    • Single 10'x10' space
    • Table and chairs

Package #3 ($130.00/day)

  • Includes:
    • Single 10'10' space
    • Canopy, table, and chairs

Package #4 ($180.00/day)

  • Includes:
    • Double 10'x10' space
    • Canopy, table, and chairs

Concord Campus

Package #1 ($45.00/day)

  • Includes:
    • Single 10'x10' space
    • No equipment provided/self-supplied


Package #2 ($65.00/day)

  • Includes:
    • Single 10'x10' space
    • Table and chairs

Multi-Day Vendor Discount

California State University, East Bay offers a special discount for returning vendors. Rent any three days in one academic quarter and receive a fourth day free to be used anytime within the same academic quarter.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • To make a reservation for a merchant booth on campus, please follow the steps below:
  • Complete and submit the Commercial Services Request Form.
  • Submit all required insurance documents. See insurance Requirements for additional information.
    • Certificate of Liability
    • Endorsement page listing California State University, East Bay as an additional insured
  • Reserved space on campus is valid for the entire day. (Size of space and equipment provided depends on the selected package.)
  • Provide directions for drop-offs, set-up, and pick-ups.
  • Provide access to power if requested in advance.
  • One parking permit for each day of the reservation.

Payment must be made on or before the event date by cash or check. Please make the check payable to CSUEB.

Checks can be mailed to:
California State University, East Bay
University Facility Rentals
1901 Harder Rd
Hayward, CA 94542

Refunds will only be given if the vendor notifies University Facility Rentals five calendar days before the event.

All vendors are given one parking permit valid for one vehicle to be placed on the dashboard for each day of the reservation. The vehicle with this parking permit can park in any lot throughout the day.

Any additional vehicles must park in the General Lots on campus. Vehicles parking in these areas are required to buy a daily parking permit at a rate of $10/day and $2/hour from the daily parking permit dispensers located in various parking lots. The dispensers only accept cash, except for the dispensers in Lots E2 and G which also accept all major credit cards.

Reservations at the AE Walkway

If necessary, vehicles may drive onto campus to unload/load materials at the reservation site. This vehicle can enter the campus from Parking Lot K to gain access to the reservation site. After unloading all materials this vehicle must exit via the same route and park in a designated lot.

Reservations in all other Campus Locations

Please use the contact information for specifics on the unloading/loading of equipment in all other campus locations prior to the event date.