MyCompass Student Portal

The MyCompass student portal is a virtual "one stop shop" for matriculated students which allows them to effortlessly track their progress, schedule appointments, and transact university business. It integrates current student systems, such as MyCSUEB, Blackboard and BayAdvisor all in one place.

MyCompass empowers students by linking their "To Do" items with actionable options, allowing them to maintain the momentum they have generated in their academic journeys. MyCompass was designed to be mobile friendly, allowing students to access it from their preferred device. 

General FAQ

MyCompass works in conjunction with PeopleSoft's MyCSUEB and is not a replacement for it. PeopleSoft is the official system of record.
Yes, the MyCompass portal is optimized for mobile viewing --an easy-to-navigate experience is available on all phones and tablets.

The vision of MyCompass is to be a virtual "one stop shop", connecting all existing student systems together in one place, providing important information and resources from all systems in one simplified view.

MyCompass doesn't eliminate the need to access other systems. Data and information being handled through each system will still need to be kept at the source. MyCompass simply showcases the most important actionable items and resources at a glance to make it easier for students to know what they need to do next and items that require their attention.

We hope to empower students to have greater visibility into their academic journey at Cal State East Bay!

Student FAQ

If you have made a change to your enrollment or to your finances and it is not immediately updated on your portal, the system has yet to "refresh" to the most current data. The "refresh rates" differ according to which system is being used. More specifically:

  • Changes to your finances will be refreshed within 15 minutes
  • Changes to your enrollment (course add/drops, etc.) may take up to 24 hours to update on the portal.

For access issues, please send an email to: To expedite your request, please include:

  • a screenshot of the error message 
  • your NetID

Faculty and Staff FAQ

At this time, only students will have access to see their academic progress and To Do list. Faculty and staff will have access to see the Forms page only.

We understand the value in providing access to see the same view as the students so we are conducting research on how we can do this in a future release.

You may direct students to the Service Desk or you may submit a ticket on their behalf. Contacting the Service Desk will be the quickest way to help them. As part of our early life support plan, dedicated staff will be monitoring all MyCompass related tickets.

To expedite the issue resolution, please have a screenshot of the error message and their NetID ready.

Service Desk: 

Release Notes

Version # 22.02, released February 2022
  • Enhancements and bug fixes: Updates to Forms page, Financial Aid Admin users page, Finance page, Hero banner, and Submitted Forms view.

MyCompass Implementation Leadership

  • Hayward, CA