pre-admission advising

Prospective Concord Center students are invited to schedule a pre-admission advising appointment at the Academic Services Center on the Concord Center to learn more about programs and services available and to see our beautiful center located in the hills of Mt. Diablo. Appointments are conveniently scheduled for a time that works best for you and can be completed in person or by phone. 

Pre-admission advising focuses on your ability to transfer into the university. For information on major courses, roadmaps, or what classes you’ll need to graduate from Cal State East Bay, please visit your major department. Program and department information can be found on our website.

Appointments may be scheduled online via Bay Advisor

As soon as you schedule your appointment, please email copies of all of your unofficial transcripts to your pre-admission counselor. You must email your transcripts in order for the counselor to have access to necessary resources for evaluation. If you have out-of-state transcripts, it can take 2-4 weeks to process. If you do not email transcripts in advance, it can result in an incomplete pre-admission appointment. It takes time to evaluate transcripts, and we appreciate your cooperation!

Please note 1-hour free parking is available for pre-admission counseling  at Concord. Please park in the Visitor parking spots located near the Academic Services Building.