CORE Naming Opportunities

The forthcoming CORE building, which includes the Hub for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, will be a destination for “high impact” learning that connects our students’ aptitudes and abilities with the needs of employers and California. The space will also include traditional library services, including the Student Center for Academic Achievement (SCAA) and learning support. 

When students come to Cal State East Bay, they have already been challenged and proven to be resilient, driven and smart. As graduates, they will be successful and competitive in becoming the next generation’s workforce.

Cal State East Bay is grateful to the State of California for providing the majority of funding for CORE. The university has additional naming opportunities for private support to enhance the facility for our students. For more information how to honor or recognize someone through a naming opportunity, please contact Fern Tyler at (510) 885-2433 or

Naming Opportunities


First Floor: The Hub for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

This welcoming first-floor space will provide a nexus for inventors, entrepreneurs, start-ups, venture capitalist to engagecoreinterior3
and explore the innovations and opportunities that will propel the creative and innovative economy into the next generation and beyond. It will be home to robust programming such as TEDx East Bay, a start-up hackathon, the summer innovation incubator session, the entrepreneur leadership institute and innovator open houses.

Naming Opportunities include: Collaboration Zone. $1 million

The Collaboration Zone in the Hub will foster interdisciplinary team development, drawing on expertise from multiple fields to design new approaches, products, services and ideas, and place students in a position to “launch” the products of their efforts with financing and patent opportunities.

Second Floor: University Library

tile-bookstackThe second floor of CORE will be the customer service interface and traditional book stacks that comprise the University Library, including a service and information desk, study and technology rooms, and self-directed learning and work spaces for visitors. Taking advantage of Cal State East Bay’s stunning vistas and mild climate, an exterior roof deck will open for selected hours.


Third Floor: Student Center for Academic Achievement

Students of all majors receive guidance and peer mentoring in writing, reading, math and other disciplines at the Student Center for Academic Achievement (known as SCAA to students). With more than 20,000 visits annually, the no-costcoreinterior7 tutoring and other academic support services mean that all students have access to the resources that help them succeed in their classes.

With its relocation into CORE, students will continue to have global academic and study resources in one building, including dedicated study spaces and access to technology.

Naming Opportunities include: Student Center for Academic Achievement. $2,500,000