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Center for Student Research


We are a student-focused program that encourages you to take more control of your academic and professional development experiences. 

 The CSR-SP’s primary purpose is to facilitate your engagement in faculty-mentored outside-of-the-classroom work on a research or creative activity project related to your academic discipline. Our secondary purpose is to help you develop academic and professional skills that will positively impact not only your scholarly activity work, but also, your academic and professional learning and performance. Intended outcomes of active student participation in the CSR Scholar’s Program are: increased student retention and success, and increased intention toward, and entry into, graduate programs for CSR Scholars. If selected to the CSR Scholar's Program, you may be supported via:

  • CSR Tuition Support: CSR Scholars (except for Pioneer Scholars) can earn tuition support for participating in CSR student-development programming and/or by engaging in specific student-researcher development activities with/overseen by their faculty mentors. Tuition support amount varies by Scholar category and activity.
  • CSR Travel Grants: CSR Scholars (All Scholar levels) qualify to submit CSR Travel Grants to the CSR. Successful grant proposals cover the cost (up to a pre-designated dollar amount) for travel to professional conferences related to the student's CSR-associated research or creative activity project. 
  • CSR Supply Grants: CSR Scholars (All Scholar levels) qualify to submit CSR Supply Grants to the CSR. Successful grant proposals cover the cost (up to a pre-designated dollar amount) for consumables needed to complete the student's CSR-associated research or creative activity. 

CSR-SP selection is competitive, but not GPA- nor discipline-bound. We encourage students at all academic levels (freshmen through graduate students) and levels of academic preparation to apply! Please note that the application window for the CSR Scholar's Program is open following the end of the current academic year and closes at the end of the first week of Fall semester.

 Want more information on our program? Click here!


CSR Office hours and Staff:

Our office is located in SF-335.

Currently our office is not open for in-person visits. Please email with meeting availability if you would like to meet with Michelle on Zoom. We are offering Zoom office hours with Michelle, our program coordinator, Mondays and Wednesdays from 10am-12pm and the link is here. If Michelle is with someone you will be put in the waiting room until she is ready for you. If these times do not work for you, please email your availability to and we will work on setting up a meeting.

Michelle Hobbs-Helmus is our Program Coordinator (and Cal State East Bay alumna). Michelle handles all CSR general inquiries, runs our CSR office, sets up and oversees all of our CSR events, and handles all of our Scholar paperwork and all things budget. To schedule a meeting with Michelle Hobbs-Helmus, please email the CSR (

Dr. Jenny O is our Director. Dr. O chases down grants and other funding sources to support our Scholars, completes Center reports for our various funding agencies, creates all CSR programming, policies, and curriculum (in consultation with Michelle), recruits faculty and other guest speakers for our workshops, delivers some of our workshops, reviews all CSR Scholar grant submissions, and meets regularly with Scholars 1-on-1 to provide assistance on CSR projects, academic performance, graduate schools, and life after college. To schedule a meeting with Dr. O, please use this link.

CSR Scholar Reminders and Other Information

Important Dates and Deadlines Document

Please review this document carefully and take notes of these dates. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about these dates and events. Read More

May Deadline

All CSR Scholars are required to complete the CSR Exit Survey by May 27, 2022. Read More

Are you a Cal State East Bay Student Looking for a faculty research mentor?

See our "want ads"! On this page, we have posted information from different faculty members who are looking for you!

Female Research Participants Needed!

krg bone study flyer snipped

Cal State East Bay's Student Video Presentations

Congratulations to all of our competitors at the 2021 CSU Student Research Competition! This year, we had 5 winners which composed of three 1st place winners and two 2nd place winners!

Andrés González - 1st place in Humanities & Letters; Education (Mixed)

Research Mentor: Dr. Natalie Ingraham

Project Title: Utilizing Reflexivity: Strategic Self-Disclosure and Insider Perspective in Qualitative Research with Transgender & Non-Binary People


Aerin Riegelsberger - 1st place in Behavioral, Social
Sciences, and Public Administration (Graduate)

Research Mentor: Dr. Natalie Ingraham

Project Title: Putting The Ball In The Patient’s Court: Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy In U.S. Family Planning Clinics


Lisa Ouyang and Taylor Quintana - 1st place in Behavioral & Social Sciences; Interdisciplinary (Mixed)

Research Mentor: Dr. Ram Kandasamy

Project Title: Early treatment of inflammatory pain prevents the transition from acute to chronic pain in rats


Andrew Stanciulesu - 2nd place in Humanities & Letters;
Education (Mixed)

Research Mentor: Dr. Jesus Oliver 

Project Title: Investigating the Effects of Visualization Media in the Classroom


Aarohi Shah - 2nd place in Physical and
Mathematical Sciences; Interdisciplinary (Mixed)

Research Mentor: Dr. Ruth M. Tinnacher

Project Title: Can Ion Exchange Resins Be Used to Remove Boron from Produced Waters and Increase Water Sustainability?


Andrew Denys

Research Mentor: Dr. Vanessa Yingling

Project Title: Neuromuscular Fitness Field Testing: A Strong Predictor Variable For Tibial Bone Strength Indices Prediction Models


Esiason Rodriguez and Sameerah Muhammed

Research Mentor: Dr. Monika Sommerhalter

Project Title: Exploration of Salinity Tolerance in Pistachio Trees By Measuring Stress Responses on the Biochemical Level


Jexy An Nepangue

Research Mentor: Dr. Jeri Little

Project Title: Interleaving Is Better Than Blocking for Memorizers, but Blocking Is Better Than Interleaving for Finding a Rule



Sarah Millar and Delia Moore

Research Mentor: Dr. Michelle Gravier and Dr. Albert Mendoza

Project Title: Let's Get Virtual: Online Interprofessional Aphasia Group Fitness for COVID-19


Steven Buchert

Research Mentor: Dr. Divya Sitaraman

Project Title: Effects of Sleep on Behavioral Decision Making and Reproductive Fitness in the Fruit Fly, Drosophila Melanogaster


To read more about this year's competition click here!

ALL CSR Scholars are REQUIRED to present at the 2021-22 Cal State East Bay Student Research Symposium

All CSR Scholars are required to present a research or creative activity presentation (regardless of the phase at which you are at in your given research project*) in the Cal State East Bay Student Research Symposium (SRS) held virtually in Spring 2022.  This event is a great opportunity to share your research with other Cal State East Bay students, faculty, and administrators and staff! Last year, we had approximately 250 participants and attendees! 



Important details:

  • We will update these details once they are confirmed.

For the time being, please begin discussions with your faculty mentors about getting started on your research or creative activity presentations! 

Center for Student Research
  • 25800 Carlos Bee Blvd.
  • Hayward, CA 94542
  • Jenny O, Ph.D (Kinesiology)
  • Director, CSR
  • Phone: (510) 885-7335
  • Email:
  • Michelle Hobbs-Helmus
  • Program Coordinator, CSR
  • Phone: (510) 885-7335
  • Email: