About the CSR Scholar's Program

CSR Scholar's Program Structure

What does the CSR Scholar's Program (CSR-SP) do for students?

Our Program is designed to engage students in their learning and development at a deeper level. Our Scholars can either engage in a faculty mentored research project, or, a faculty mentored creative activity or other scholarly project. This means that students from all disciplines are eligible for our Program!

We work in tandem with our faculty at Cal State East Bay to mentor students with respect to the development of disciplinary expertise (faculty mentors focus heavily on this) and academic, personal, and professional development (CSR-SP focuses heavily on this). While the faculty mentor engages the student and challenges them to learn within a discipline-relevant research or creative activity project experience, the CSR-SP provides tuition support earning opportunities for this faculty-mentored research experience, and also hosts and offers tuition and other funding support for students to engage in CSR and other professional development workshops as well as and discipline-specific conference travel.  


CSR Scholar's Program Structure

Our program is a tiered program; there are three tiers ("Scholar levels"), and the goal for our Scholars is to "level up" each year and reach the Forever Pioneer Scholar (FPS) level at least by their graduating year. The FPS level is our Program's most prestigious level; in any given year, only up to 15% of our Scholars are FPS. Each subsequent Scholar level comes with increased Scholar funding support. Scholars must reapply for the program every year. Promotion decisions for any given Scholar in any given year is based on the strength of the Scholar's Program application, and their previous professionalism and engagement record with the CSR-SP. 


The Three Scholar Levels

three scholar levels


Pioneer Scholar (PS)

  • Actively engaging in a project with Cal State East Bay faculty member
  • Eligible to submit travel and supply grant proposals to the CSR
  • Not eligible to earn tuition support

Distinguished Pioneer Scholar (DPS)

  • Actively engaging in a project with a Cal State East Bay faculty member
  • Eligible to submit travel and supply grant proposals to the CSR
  • Eligible to earn tuition support

Forever Pioneer Scholar (FPS)

  • Student with at least 1 year's experience in the CSR-SP
  • Skilled graduate student-researchers or skilled undergraduate
    student-researchers fully committed to applying to a graduate program in
    the next two years (being a Forever Pioneer Scholar requires faculty
    mentor & CSR approval)
  • Exceptional Scholar professionalism and engagement record
  • Has demonstrated strong academic, professional, and personal development since joining the Program
  • Actively engaging in research with a Cal State East Bay faculty member
  • Eligible to submit travel and supply grant proposals to the CSR
  • Eligible to earn tuition support


How do I apply for the Program and what is expected of me if I am accepted into the program?



  • Go to the CSR website and access the Scholar Application page. Take note of what information you are required to provide and prepare all of your responses in advance of entering the application portal. Once you submit your application, the CSR-SP Review Committee will review and score it after the final deadline. You will be contacted with our decision on your application via email within 1-2 weeks of that final deadline. 


If you are accepted into the program...


Earn your tuition support

  • Your CSR Scholar funding is determined by the time and effort you choose to put into engaging with the Program. Please keep in mind that Pioneer Scholars are not eligible for tuition support. Failing to engage in tuition earning experiences, submitting poorly completed CSR grant applications, and/or failing to meet other Program requirements may affect the amount of tuition support you earn and/or CSR grant funding you are awarded.

Meet minimum Scholar requirements

  1. Attend a CSR Scholar’s Program orientation session (Orientation sessions, by Scholar level, will be held during early Fall semester).
  2. Turn in your CSR contract signed by yourself and faculty mentor.
  3. Complete your mid-year progress report and the end-of-the-year exit survey.
  4. Attend and present a poster at the Cal State East Bay Student Research Symposium held in April.
  5. Demonstrate adequate professionalism as a CSR scholar.