Past Projects of our Competitors

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Competition Site: San Francisco State University (virtual)

Congratulations to all of our competitors at the 2022 CSU Student Research Competition! This year, we had 1 winner, Marium Sarah, who won 1st Place in the category of Business, Economics, and Hospitality Management!


Marium Sarah - 1st place in Business, Economics, and Hospitality Management

Research Mentor: Dr. Asha Rao

Project Title: Can a rewarding application drive Environment‐friendly actions among individuals?


Isaac Coleman

Research Mentor: Dr. Maria Ortuoste

Project Title: Alternative Voting Systems in an Expanding Society: Tackling the question of voter satisfaction


Sharn Basi and Isabel Torres

Research Mentor: Dr. Chris Baysdorfer and Dr. Patty Oikawa

Project Title: Methane Uptake in Compost-Amended Grasslands: An investigation combining trace gas measurements, quantitative PCR, and soil microbial analysis


Cynthia Martinez

Research Mentor: Dr. Pascale Guiton

Project Title: Understanding transcriptional regulation of T. gondii developmental differentiation and virulence


Amber McNeill

Research Mentor: Dr. Jesus Oliver

Project Title: How a Global Pandemic Changed Students’ Perspectives in Undergraduate Mathematics Courses


Gregory Mwamba

Research Mentor: Dr. Jesus Oliver

Project Title: Blowup of the Nonlinear Klein-Gordon Equation with Arbitrarily in FLRW Spacetimes


Roelyne Reyes

Research Mentor: Dr. Marlin Halim

Project Title: Aptamer Selection for MRI Contrast Agents


Patricia Ruiz-Mena and Roshetta Vatuvei

Research Mentor: Dr. Cathy Inoyue and Dr. Jennifer Sherwood

Project Title: Relationships Between Muscle Fitness and Radial Bone Strength in Older Adults


Competition Site: Cal Poly Pomona (virtual)

Congratulations to all of our competitors at the 2021 CSU Student Research Competition! This year, we had 5 winners which composed of three 1st place winners and two 2nd place winners!


Andrés González - 1st place in Humanities & Letters; Education (Mixed)

Research Mentor: Dr. Natalie Ingraham

Project Title: Utilizing Reflexivity: Strategic Self-Disclosure and Insider Perspective in Qualitative Research with Transgender & Non-Binary People


Aerin Riegelsberger - 1st place in Behavioral, Social Sciences, and Public Administration (Graduate)

Research Mentor: Dr. Natalie Ingraham

Project Title: Putting The Ball In The Patient’s Court: Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy In U.S. Family Planning Clinics


Lisa Ouyang and Taylor Quintana - 1st place in Behavorial & Social Sciences; Interdisciplinary (Mixed)

Research Mentor: Dr. Ram Kandasamy

Project Title: Early treatment of inflammatory pain prevents the transition from acute to chronic pain in rats


Andrew Stanciulesu - 2nd place in Humanities & Letters; Education (Mixed)

Research Mentor: Dr. Jesus Oliver 

Project Title: Investigating the Effects of Visualization Media in the Classroom



Aarohi Shah - 2nd place in Physical and Mathematical Sciences; Interdisciplinary (Mixed)

Research Mentor: Dr. Ruth M. Tinnacher

Project Title:Can Ion Exchange Resins Be Used to Remove Boron from Produced Waters and Increase Water Sustainability?



Andrew Denys

Research Mentor: Dr. Vanessa Yingling

Project Title: Neuromuscular Fitness Field Testing: A Strong Predictor Variable For Tibial Bone Strength Indices Prediction Models



Esiason Rodriguez and Sameerah Muhammed

Research Mentor: Dr. Monika Sommerhalter

Project Title: Exploration of Salinity Tolerance in Pistachio Trees By Measuring Stress Responses on the Biochemical Level


Jexy An Nepangue

Research Mentor: Dr. Jeri Little

Project Title: Interleaving Is Better Than Blocking for Memorizers, but Blocking Is Better Than Interleaving for Finding a Rule




Sarah Millar and Delia Moore

Research Mentor: Dr. Michelle Gravier and Dr. Albert Mendoza

Project Title: Let's Get Virtual: Online Interprofessional Aphasia Group Fitness for COVID-19



Steven Buchert

Research Mentor: Dr. Divya Sitaraman

Project Title: Effects of Sleep on Behavioral Decision Making and Reproductive Fitness in the Fruit Fly, Drosophila Melanogaster


Competition Site: Cal State East Bay (virtual)

Congratulations to all of our competitors at the 2020 CSU Student Research Competition! This year, we had 2 winners which composed of one 1st place winner and one 2nd place winner!


 Andrés León González and Lindsey Fox - 1st place in Humanities and Letters (Graduate)

Research Mentor: Dr. Natalie Ingraham

Project Title: Transgender and non-binary patient perspectives on receiving transition-related healthcare in family planning clinics in the United States.


Lisa Ouyang - 2nd place in Interdisciplinary 

Research Mentor: Dr. Ram Kandasamy

Project Title: Peripherally-restricted opioids restore normal activity without disruptive side effects in rats with chronic inflammatory pain


Abraham Bahlibi and Cesar Contreras

Research Mentor: Dr. Negin Toosi

Project Title: The Role of Race and Gender in Salary Negotiations



Ariel Moline

Research Mentor: Dr. Pascale Guiton

Project Title: How does the developmentally regulated enzyme, Glucose-6-Phosphate Isomerase, contribute to stage conversion during Toxoplasma pathogenesis?


Claudia Romero Medina, Daniel Den Briones, Sena Harlley, and Jorge Gonzalez

Research Mentor: Dr. Vanessa Yingling

Project Title: Bilateral Bone Strength Differences in Division II Female Volleyball Players


Derek Schmidt

Research Mentor: Dr. Ines Thiebaut

Project Title: The Folk Music Paradox: The Transformation of European Folk Music Into the Innovation of 20th C. Music.


Mica Cabrera

Research Mentor: Dr. Monika Sommerhalter

Project Title: Exploring Antioxidant Capacity in Green Tea Dependent on Types of Water


Munahil Murrieum

Research Mentor: Dr. Saeid Motavalli

Project Title: Building Energy Performance Prediction using Machine Learning: A Data-Driven Decision-Making Framework for Energy Retrofits


Taylor Reinke

Research Mentor: Dr. Oanh Tran

Project Title: Using a Social-Emotional Learning Program to Enhance Students' Well-Being