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Jessica  Santone

Assistant Professor

Department of Art

Jessica Santone teaches courses on contemporary art and visual studies, primarily from North America. She often approaches art with particular attention to the socio-cultural circumstances of the work's making and its reception. As a result, she's interested in a number of important interpretive lenses in relation to recent art practice, including: environmental humanities, feminist theory, critical race art history, phenomenology, and new materialism. While her courses survey a broad range of art and design practices, Santone favors performance art, social practice, installation, public art, media art, and forms of visual activism. Her teaching emphasizes active and embodied learning; critical reading and writing; and skill development over content-based learning. Recent course topics have included: Climate Emergency & Environmental JusticeMedia Art & MediationArt & Publics, and Pedagogical Art & Social Practice; she regularly teaches Race and Representation in American Art as well.

Recent research has focused on pedagogical art (when teaching and learning become the forms and/or topics of performance and social practice). She is currently developing a book that surveys these practices from Fluxus in the 1960s to Arte Útil in the 2020s, contextualizing artistic interventions alongside shifting epistemologies and critical pedagogical strategies; such practices have been important to expanding publics of art, challenging hegemonic knowledge (about race, gender, science, etc.), and blurring boundaries with other disciplines.

  • PhD Art History, McGill University
  • MA Humanities, University of Chicago
  • BA History, University of Maryland College Park

Not teaching this semester.

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Co-organized with Rae Goodwin: Audience Appeals and Performing Assistance Conference. One-day symposium. University of Kentucky, 17 April 2015. Available online:            

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Gaining Ground Summer Research Grant, 2016, Cal State East Bay