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Yung-I Liu Faculty Profile

Yung-I  Liu

Associate Professor

Department of Communication

Political communication, strategic communication, quantitative and statistical research methods

  • Ph.D., Communication, The Ohio State University
  • M.A., Journalism, The Ohio State University
  • B.A., English, Soochow University
Spring Semester 2020
Course #SecCourse TitleDaysFromToLocationCampus
COMM 35701Principles of AdvertisingTTH1:15PM2:55PMMI-4107Hayward Campus
COMM 35801Principles of Public RelationsTTH3:15PM4:55PMMI-4107Hayward Campus
COMM 45301Strategic CommunicationTTH10:00AM11:40AMMI-3015Hayward Campus

Peer-Reviewed Academic Journal Articles

Liu, Y.-I. (2019). Online and offline communication and political knowledge and participation in presidential campaigns: Effects of geographical context. International Journal of Communication, 13, 1438–1461.

Dalisay, F., Kushin, M., Yamamoto, M., Liu, Y.-I., & Buente, W. (2016). Attachment to Facebook and the civic lives of minority college students in the United States. First Monday, 21(3), 1–10.

Dalisay, F., & Liu, Y.-I. (equal authorship) (2015). Education and language-based knowledge gaps among new immigrants in the United States: Effects of English- and native-language newspapers and TV. International Journal of Communication, 9, 478–500.

Dalisay, F., Kushin, M. J., Yamamoto, M., Liu, Y.-I., & Skalski, P. (2015). Motivations for game play and the social capital and civic potential of video games. New Media & Society, 17(9), 1399–1417.

Lee, Y.-J., Liu, Y.-I., & Lee, T. (2013). Effects of ethnic identity on perceived advertisers’ motives in values advocacy advertising. Journal of Promotion Management, 19(5), 583–604.

Liu, Y.-I., Shen, F., Eveland, W. P., Jr., & Dylko, I. B. (2013). The impact of news use and news content characteristics on political knowledge and participation. Mass Communication and Society, 16(5), 713–737.

Gross, C. M., Whitbred, R., Skalski, P., & Liu, Y.-I. (2013). Influencing faculty willingness to participate in learning communities. Florida Communication Journal, 41(1), 1–15.

Liu, Y.-I., & Jeffres, L. W. (2012). Effects of attitudes toward political advertising in the 2006 senatorial and gubernatorial elections in Ohio, U.S.A. Journal of Communication and Media Research, 4(1), 93–102.

Liu, Y.-I. (2012). The influence of news media on optimism about retrospective and prospective economic issues as sources of social capital: Tracing the effects by a path model. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 2(8), 1–11.

Liu, Y.-I. (2012). The influence of communication context on political cognition in presidential campaigns: A geospatial analysis. Mass Communication and Society, 15(1), 46–73.

Appiah, O., & Liu, Y.-I. (2009). Reaching the model minority: Ethnic differences in responding to culturally embedded targeted and non-targeted advertisements. Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising, 31(1), 27–41.

Liu, Y.-I., & Eveland, W. P., Jr. (2005). Education, need for cognition, and campaign interest as moderators of news effects on political knowledge: An analysis of the knowledge gap. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, 82(4), 910–929.

Publications in Refereed Conference Proceedings

Skalski, P., Dalisay, F., Kushin, M., & Liu, Y.-I. (2012). Need for presence and other motivations for video game play across genres. Proceedings of the Presence Live!–International Society for Presence Research Annual Conference.

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