Jiaofei Zhong Faculty Profile

Jiaofei  Zhong

Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science

Data Engineering, Wireless Communications, Machine Learning, STEM Education

  • Ph.D., The University of Texas at Dallas
Fall Semester 2021
Course #SecCourse TitleDaysFromToLocationCampus
CS 30103Data Structures & AlgorithmsARRWEB-ASYNCHOnline Campus
CS 49002Independent StudyARRWEB-ASYNCHOnline Campus
CS 60102Adv. AlgorithmsARRWEB-ASYNCHOnline Campus
CS 61101Theory of ComputationARRWEB-ASYNCHOnline Campus
CS 69202Capstone ExaminationsF3:00PM4:30PMMI-2032Hayward Campus

Selected recent publications since 2014:


  • X. Gao, Y. Yang, G. Chen, X. Lu, J. Zhong. Global Optimization for Multi-Channel Wireless Data Broadcast with AH-Tree Indexing Scheme. IEEE Transactions on Computers (TC). Vol. 65, Issue 7, 2016.
  • D. Kim, J. Zhong, M. Lee, D. Li, Y. Li, A.O. Tokuta. Efficient respondents selection for biased survey using homophily-high social relation graph. Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms and Applications (DMAA), Vol. 8, No. 04, Dec 2016.
  • Z. Mundher, and J. Zhong. Provide a Global Tracking Feature for Person-Following Robot based on the Kinect Sensor. Journal of Automation and Control Engineering, 2014.
  • J. Zhong, W. Wu, X. Gao, Y. Shi, and X. Yue. Evaluation and Comparison of Various Indexing Schemes in Single-Channel Broadcast Communication Environment, Knowledge and Information Systems: An International Journal (KAIS), 2014.
  • Z. Mundher, and J. Zhong. A Real-Time Fall Detection System in Elderly Care Using Mobile Robot and Kinect Sensor. International Journal of Materials, Mechanics and Manufacturing, 2014. 


  • A. Kim, E. Kamalinejad, K. Madal-Hellmuth, J. Zhong. Deep Learning Based Face Recognition Application with Augmented Reality Devices, the Future of Information and Communications Conference (FICC 2020), San Francisco, California, March 5th-6th, 2020.
  • D. Haley, E. Kamalinejad, J. Zhong. IsoClustering: A Generalized Framework for Local Data Clustering, the 18th IEEE International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA 2019), Boca Raton, Florida, December 16th-19th, 2019.
  • J. Zhong. Actively Engage Students with Diverse Background Using a More Personalized Approach, The 48th IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE 2018) Fostering Innovation Through Diversity, San Jose, California, October 3rd-6th, 2018.
  • J. Zhong. Designing Adaptive Learning Objects for Enhanced Student Engagement in Data Structures and Algorithms, Proceedings of the 49th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE 18), pp. 1089-1089, Baltimore, Maryland, February 21st-24th, 2018.
  • S. Yu, F. Xia, K. Zhang, Z. Ning, J. Zhong and C. Liu. Team Recognition in Big Scholarly Data: Exploring Collaboration Intensity, The 3rd IEEE International Conference on Big Data Intelligence and Computing (DataCom), Orlando, Florida, USA, November 6th-10th, 2017. [Best Paper Award]
  • M. Liao, X. Liu, X. Gao, J. Zhong, G. Chen. iSim: An Efficient Integrated Similarity Based Collaborative Filtering Approach for Trust Prediction in Service-Oriented Social Networks. In International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing, pp. 501-516. Springer International Publishing, 2016.
  • H. Yang, J. Zhong, D. Ha, H. Oh. Rumor Propagation Detection System in Social Network Services. The 5th International Conference on Computational Social Networks (CSoNet), 2016.
  • S. Gupta, J. Zhong, T. Evans. A High-throughput, Web-based Tool to Determine Protein Hydrogen Bond Number. The 25th International Conference on Software Engineering and Data Engineering, September 26-28, Denver, CO, USA, 2016.
  • D. Kim, J. Zhong, M. Lee, D. Li, and A. O. Tokuta. Efficient Respondents Selection for Biased Survey using Online Social Networks. Workshop on Computational Social Networks (CSoNet), 2014.
  • Y. Hong, D. Kim, D. Li, J. Zhong, and A. Tokuta. On Computing Resilient Virtual Backbone in CRNs. International Conference on Information Science and Applications (IEEE ICISA), 2014.
  • Z.A. Mundher, and J. Zhong. A Real-Time Fall Detection System in Elderly Care using Mobile Robot and Kinect Sensor. International Conference on Robotics, Mechanics and Mechatronics, 2014.
  • X. Zhai, L. Fan, K. Xing, H. Chen, A. Wang, J. Zhong. Inferring Network Structure via Cascades. The 10th International Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks (MSN), Dec. 19-21, 2014.

  • “Collaborative Research: A Technology Pathway Program in Data Technology and Applications,” National Science Foundation, NSF-DUE-1626612, 10/1/2016-9/30/2020.
  • “Collaborative proposal: Faculty and Undergraduate Research Student Teams (FURST),” National Science Foundation, NSF-DMS-1620500, 1/1/2017-12/31/2020.