Jed DeVaro

The Wang Family Professor, and Department Chair

Department of Economics

(510) 885-3289
VBT 427
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T: 1:00-2:15PM; SA: 5:00-6:45PM; and Office hours by appointment
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  • PhD, Stanford University, 2002


Fall Quarter 2016
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MGMT 661501Strat Comp, Incentives & ProdSA9:00AM5:00PMAE-0386Hayward Campus View Books


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DeVaro, J.; Gürtler, O. (2015) Strategic Shirking: A Theoretical Analysis of Multitasking and Specialization. Forthcoming, International Economic Review.

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DeVaro, J.; Simon, D. (2006) Do the Best Companies to Work for Provide Better Customer Satisfaction? Managerial and Decision Economics 27, 1-17.

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DeVaro, J. (2005)  Employer Recruitment Strategies and the Labor Market Outcomes of New Hires. Economic Inquiry 43(2), 263-282.


LERA 67th Annual Meeting (Pittsburgh, PA, May 2015)

Trans-Pacific Labor Seminar (Tokyo, Japan, March 2015)

Trans-Pacific Labor Seminar (Sydney, Australia, August 2014)

LERA 66th Annual Meeting (Portland, OR, June 2014)

Society of Labor Economists Annual Meeting (Arlington, VA, May 2014)

Finance, Organizations and Markets Conference (USC, Los Angeles, CA, December 2013)

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