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Talya Kemper Faculty Profile

Photo of Talya Kemper

Talya  Kemper

Assistant Professor

Department of Teacher Education

  • PhD, Special Education, University of Washington
  • M.A., Special Education, San Francisco University
  • B.A., Community Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz
Fall Semester 2019
Course #SecCourse TitleDaysFromToLocationCampus
TED 5020192Inclusive Tchg in MS ClassroomM4:30PM7:30PMCCAS-202Concord Campus
TED 5020225Inclusive Tchg in MS ClassroomTU4:30PM7:30PMAE-0238Hayward Campus
TED 5020440Inclusive Tchg in MS ClassroomW4:30PM7:30PMAE-0386Hayward Campus
TED 5230291Inclusive Tchg/SS Classroom AW4:30PM7:30PMCCAS-206Concord Campus
TED 5230330Inclusive Tchg/SS Classroom ATH4:30PM7:30PMAE-0379Hayward Campus
TED 5230406Inclusive Tchg/SS Classroom ATU4:30PM7:30PMAE-0137Hayward Campus
TED 52315SSInclusive Tchg/SS Classroom AARRWEB-ONLINEOnline Campus

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West, E., Kemper, T., & Slemrod, T. Assistive Technology: Needs of teachers and implications for preservice teacher training programs. Manuscript under review.


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Kemper, T. (2016, February). Modifying curriculum for students with severe disabilities in inclusive settings. Presentation at the Equity, Opportunity, and Inclusion for People with Disabilities (CAL-TASH) conference, Sacramento, California.

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Kemper, T. (2016, January). Reading together: A modified dialogic reading approach for children with limited speech. Poster presentation at the DADD annual conference, Honolulu, Hawaii.

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West, E; Kemper, T.; & Slemrod, T. (2014, April). Assistive Technology: Needs of teachers and implications for preservice teacher training programs. Presentation at the CEC annual conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Kemper, T. (2013, April). Promoting listening reading comprehension for nonverbal English learners who have a severe intellectual delay. Poster presentation at the CEC annual conference, San Antonio, Texas.

Fleury, V. P., & Kemper, T. (2011, May). Improving the quality of early literacy experiences for young children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Presentation at the Infant and Early Childhood Conference (IECC) annual state conference, Tacoma, Washington.

Liberty, L. & Kemper, T. (2011, May). Written word work: Using magic squares to promote beginning literacy. Presentation at the IECC annual state conference, Tacoma, Washington.

Kemper, T. (2010, July). Ethnographic study of teaching practices for students who use AAC and are English Language Learners. Presentation at the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC) international conference, Barcelona, Spain.

Kemper, T. & Pamparo, V. (2010, July). Dialogic reading: Adapting shared book reading for young students with Autism and limited verbal ability. Presentation at the ISAAC international conference, Barcelona, Spain.

Kemper, T. (2010, April). After elementary school: How to start a quality high school AAC classroom for students with severe disabilities. Poster presentation at the CEC annual conference, Nashville, Tennessee.

Kemper, T. (2009). After elementary school: How to start a quality high school AAC classroom for students with severe disabilities. Presentation at the International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference, Los Angeles, California.

Kemper, T. (2008). Empowering the school community with information to understand and accept students with differences and disabilities. Presentation at the annual CAL- TASH conference, San Francisco, California.

Doering, K. & Kemper, T. (2006). Use of checklists for support and feedback to paraprofessionals. Presentation at the annual CAL-TASH, San Francisco, California.

Department of Education Personnel Preparation Grant, 2013-2018

Northern California Collaboration for Low Incidence Personnel Preparation

Project Director and Principal Investigator, Awarded: $1.25M
Lead efforts to respond to special education teacher shortage in Northern California by: providing tuition reimbursements and additional advising; increasing regional recruitment efforts; developing research projects focused specifically in the region; and coordinating annual trainings for regional educators, teacher candidates, families and community members on issues specific to supporting students with low-incidence disabilities

Department of Education Office of Innovation and Improvement Grant, 2014

Promoting Rural Improvement in Secondary Math and Science

Special Education and Inclusion Consulting Faculty, Awarded: $6.48M
Consulting to: expand program to include special education candidates and classrooms; incorporate inclusive practices and experiences for pre-service STEM and special education teachers; develop online and in-person training on co-teaching in special education and co-teaching in inclusive settings

California State University, Chancellor’s Office, 2016

Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activities Grant

Faculty Recipient, Awarded: $5,250 maximum
Develop research in the field of reading comprehension for individuals who have complex communication needs and severe intellectual delay

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