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Sherman  Lewis

Professor Emeritus

Department of Political Science

Sherman Lewis holds the B.A. from Harvard and the Ph.D. from Columbia University. He is the author of two books, Reform and the Citizen: The Major Policy Issues of Contemporary America and Urban Government for Metropolitan Lima, as well as a number of articles and reports. His current activities focus on five areas.

  1. Bayview Village, a proposed, large sustainable neighborhood near CSUEB Hayward. Bayview Village would be located north of Carlos Bee Blvd. and Overlook Ave. on about 34 acres of mostly undeveloped land. It would have over 1,000 units, ranging from studio condominiums to five bedroom townhouses. It would have only 100 parking spaces in separately leased carports; access to units is by walking on walkways. The longest walk to the Village Center is less than five minutes. The Center has a community center, store, cafe, small park, and busway. The project owns its own shuttle service, which residents ride for free. It would run every ten minutes most of the day, two minutes up to the campus, six minutes down to Hayward BART.
  2. Shuttle bus service for students running most of the day, free for their use, every ten minutes, from the campus to BART. The shuttle would be instead of a parking structure. The shuttle can be financed with a lower parking fee increase than the structure and provide as much or more access, and do it sustainably, while reducing traffic.
  3. Access to South Hayward BART. Large scale redevelopment has stalled due to the recession, but station area redevelopment can have a large parking structure or have a sustainable alternative access system. The system would be based on a combination of market-based parking charges and a short, frequent free shuttle from a site on Industrial Blvd. The system has an equilibrium between driving, parking, and walking in and taking the shuttle, each with its time and monetary costs. Sometimes driving works better; other times, the shuttle. Market-based means based on what people are willing to pay, with surplus used for the shuttle. The payment should use SFpark technologies ( The scheme also requires that people living in the redevelopment area pay separately for their dwelling and their parking, with the combined cost equaling the usual bundled cost, so people who don't need a close car can save money. It requires parking management, an access authority to manage it, and design for pedestrians.
  4. A website comparing the US to the Advanced 
    This site is probably the most efficient and comprehensive of all sites on the web for researching international comparisons. The site, developed with help from CSUEB graduate Dustyn Bindel, has statistics evaluating national performance for the United States and eleven advanced democracies on child welfare, competitiveness, crime, economy, environment, gender equality, greenhouse gases, health, housing, human development, income distribution, international aid, military, population, rule of law, sexual health, technology, teen pregnancy, transportation, treaties, voting, and work and leisure. It includes sources, links, notes, and options to contact us via email, Facebook, or our blog. The site is continually updated.
  5. A website advocating for more sustainability at Cal State University, East Bay:

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