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Upcoming events will be posted here when made available. Please feel free to sign up to our newsletter to be made aware of when we are hosting anything new. Also, if you have any ideas about specific events that you would like to see, please fill out this reservation form. Thank You!

Women's History Month Events

March is Women's History Month!

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Previous DISC Events

The Representation of LatinX Women in Film

The intention of this event was to host a Real Talk on how Latin X women are portrayed in the media ( music, shows, films). This Real Talk examined how influential poor representation can have on us and the future generations. We will also be exploring ways in which we can change the narrative within ourselves.

National Coming Out Day

This event was a tabling event for LGBTQ+ and allied/educated organizations. This was a celebration of culture and identity. There was music, giveaways at each table (supplied by each organization). Students were able to go to each booth and talk to each representative, walking away with something from each booth, and a wonderful experience. 

Paint and Chat: Culture Vultures

This event workshop was set to have an opportunity to talk about culture appropriation and what that looks like around Halloween time and in popular culture. During this time we held a space to have a conversation while simultaneously painting pumbpkins and feeling th Halloween Spirit.