Meet The Staff

photo of Jessika Murphy

Jessika Murphy

Jessika Murphy serves as the Coordinator for the Diversity and Inclusion Student Center. Jess earned her BA at Keene State College, and her M.Ed. at UMass Amherst, graduating from the Social Justice Education department. Bringing a wide variety of experience, Jessika works to bring social justice, diversity based initiatives, as well as leadership development opportunities, to the Cal State East Bay campus. Jess loves working with students to achieve goals, plan events, and start new initiatives! So feel free to stop by her office, located in the Diversity and Inclusion Student Center in the University Union.

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photo of Liam Hawkyard

Liam Hawkyard

Liam Hawkyard serves as the DISC Office Manager. He is a Cal State East Bay Alumni and current Graduate student at San Francisco State University. You will often find Liam staffing the front desk, greeting folks as they walk into our center. He is passionate about social justice and working with students to create change! 

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Photograph of Leslie

Leslie Morales

Hi, I'm the DISC's Graphic Designer. I'm a local here at CSUEB, I'm from San Lorenzo. I'm a computer science major, planning on minoring in Multimedia as well. In my spare time, I enjoy drawing, listening to music and playing the cello. 
I work at the DISC because I feel strongly about informing the public on issues regarding public justice since it is something that affects us all in some way. If we cannot educate each other then we will remain ignorant forever. Through creating graphics that will draw attention to the DISC's events, I hope to aid in carrying out the purpose of educating the public to move social justice forward.
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Photograph of Abril Lopez

Abril Lopez

My name is Abril and I am the social media coordinator of the DISC. I'm originally from Los Angeles. I'm a 4th year Sociology major. I focus a lot on social justice within my major and this position allows me to put my knowledge into action. Social media platforms are a huge part of our communication as a society and allows for awareness to be spread out in a bigger scale so I'm extremely thrilled to be in a position that will allow me to reach a larger audience with educational and eyeopening information. 

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Photo of Seanna

Seanna Sou

Hey, my name is Seanna Sou. I am currently a second year here at CSU East Bay. I am a Sociology major. During my free time, I enjoy writing poems, reading and being outdoors (especially when the weather is nice). I am also an Oakland Native (grew up in Deep East Oakland). As a Student Program Assistant, I plan to grow and have a more deeper connection of what being an organizer would be as well as getting to know you all! After my years here at East Bay, I plan to open my own organization back in my community. Please feel free to stop by at our space, Diversity and Inclusion Center (The DISC). We are located in the New UU across from Subway and Panda Express. We are here to provide a space for all students! Also, sign up for our newsletter to see what kind of events we will be hosting!


Peace and love. 

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Photo of Lauren

Lauren Esqueda

Hello, I’m one of the new student program assistants here at the DISC. I’m currently an ethnic studies major with a Latina and Chicanx concentration. I’m from So-Cal and I enjoy drawing, being involved, listening to music, and watching films. Before working at the DISC I was a regular and I always felt so welcomed and accepted. I enjoyed their events and I am super excited to have the opportunity to welcome other students into this safe space as well.

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Photo of Taylor

Taylor Benson

Hi, my name is Taylor and I am a Program Assistant at Cal State East Bay. My major is Communications with a concentration in media studies. I have a passion for reading and writing, and hope to create a novel of my own one day. I enjoy watching horror movies and learning more about others through astrology. I work at the Diversity and Inclusion Center because I want to make an impact on the way people view social justice issues today. My hope is to make a difference in people's lives through love and acceptance one day at a time.

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Photo of Fejiro

Fejiro Okumo

Hello, my name is Fejiro Okumo, a fourth-year at East Bay. Born and raised in Santa Rosa, California and is majoring in Communications with a concentration in Media Studies. I love to spend my time with a good a tv show, a good book or hanging out with friends. I enjoy deep and meaningful connections with others so working as student program assistant at the DISC is amazing job and opportunity. Being able to spread light and bring exposure to topics like social justice to others is a beautiful thing to witness and be a part of.

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