First Year Experience

First Year Experience (FYE) Pathway Overview

The EBSí First Year Experience pathway takes a holistic perspective on supporting students throughout the first year experience. The EBSí First Year Experience pathway leverages existing summer programming and peer support networks, building new programming focused on substantial peer connections. The pathway supports academic success through peer support, coordination, and development of first-year serving STEM courses, and activities focused on STEM identity and belonging in the classroom. For details regarding First Year Experience programming, please see the description below.

Summer Bridge to STEM

Summer Bridge to STEM is a free, two-week program designed to help incoming CSU East Bay STEM students transition to college. This on-ground program connects incoming freshmen with fellow STEM students, introduces students to campus resources, and provides a review of foundational math and communication concepts. Organized and facilitated by CSU East Bay math, English, and General Studies instructors, the program also offers students 1 unit of college credit, which will be applied toward their degree!

SCI 130: Connecting to STEM Majors

SCI 130: Connecting to STEM Majors is a new entry-level course designed to:

  • Prepare CSUEB students majoring in STEM disciplines with a first-year introduction to the disciplines in a safe, relaxed course atmosphere.
  • Provide a community where students with shared interests in STEM can teach, learn, and support one another beyond the classroom.
  • Begin mentoring relationships, and build connections, between STEM faculty, STEM students, and the wider campus community.
  • Develop STEM students’ sense of place in their major and in the science of and scientific community in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Introduce students to key concepts and methods in STEM majors including science communication.

All CSCI STEM students are enrolled in this course as part of our "block enrollment" process.