The Master's Degree in English

New M.A. in English at CSU East Bay

Applications for Fall 2024 available through CSUapply


Two Concentrations: “Literature and Pedagogy” and “Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages” (TESOL)


Cal State East Bay’s new Master’s Degree in English offers students opportunities for advanced study in composition, linguistics, creative writing, and literary studies.  In two years, students develop skills in analysis, interpretation, and expression that are an asset in any career. Students select from two concentrations; our Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) concentration trains students in the best methods and practices for teaching English to adult learners. Our concentration in Literature and Pedagogy engages students with literary study as both a source of inquiry and as a craft to be developed through written expression with a focus on honing skills for teaching literary texts. In the second year of study, students selected for our Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) program gain additional training in the teaching of composition to university undergraduates.

Pursuing a Master's degree in English offers opportunities to individuals seeking to enhance their career prospects. Students in our program delve into diverse topics such as writing techniques, storytelling methods, and the profound impact of films and stories on society. For secondary-school teachers, an MA degree in English from CSUEB can fulfill continuing education credit requirements for most public school districts and enable career advancement. Teachers can acquire specialized expertise in genres, authors, or literary movements, enabling them to bring a unique and enriching experience to their classrooms. Beyond teaching, an MA in English opens doors to various professions, including publishing, journalism, communications, project management, technical writing, and marketing. Additionally, those aspiring to teach writing and literature at community colleges or trade schools often require a master's degree. For individuals aspiring to become college professors or subject matter experts, a master's in English serves as excellent preparation for a Ph.D. program. In a competitive job market, where a bachelor's degree is increasingly common, a master's degree helps individuals stand out and can unlock diverse career opportunities.

All MA coursework is offered in the evenings or online to accommodate the schedules of many working adults. The program includes both online and face-to-face courses.

Our excellent faculty are experts in subject matter ranging from composition to cultural studies to creative writing to the digital humanities.  They lead stimulating courses on the many aspects and approaches to language and written expression in the 21st century.  As students take courses and as they develop their final capstone projects, they are guided by faculty who work closely with them to achieve their academic goals.