Solar Energy

Solar Panels

CSU has been an early adopter of the use of solar power (Photovoltaic or PV) on many of its campuses. In 2009-2010 the Hayward campus installed solar panels generating one megawatt of annual solar power. The panels were distributed on the roofs of:

  • Art & Education
  • Meiklejohn Hall
  • Physical Education and
  • Music building

All of the energy generated by the PV panels is consumed on campus and offsets approximately six percent of our total electrical energy usage saving the campus around $120,000 annually.

We have recently completed our latest roof top solar installation on the new Student & Faculty Support Building.

PV Power

Smaller solar powered installations will be appearing on campus. Currently we have "Big Belly" solar compactors and solar umbrellas for charging personal electronic devices. Solar EV cart charging will be available at the new buildings.