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Friends of the Arts

Supporting Students and their programs in


Friends of the Arts at California State University, East Bay supports student artists by providing annual scholarships in creative writing, fine arts, music, and theatre arts and by working to increase audience at campus performances and presentations.

We partner with the School of Arts and Media and the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Join us to:

  • Attend presentations, shows, and concerts
  • Learn about the great programs and student performers at East Bay
  • Contribute to support scholarships for outstanding student artists
  • Create partnerships in the East Bay arts community

More ways to participate.

Board of Directors are active Friends who lead the organization.

Committees are active Friends and Board Members who assist the Board with outreach, marketing, events, fundraising, and scholarships.

  • Friends donate annually to the scholarship fund
  • Friends attend department events
  • Friends register for the annual calendar and optional monthly email

Hosts are active Friends who serve at events. It’s simple.

  • Commit to attend an event to represent Friends of the Arts.
  • Go to the event, find the Friends kiosk and brochures at the venue. Before, at intermission, or afterwards just talk to audience members who ask about our organization. Some hosts bring cookies to help jumpstart conversation.
  • Just register as a Friend and include a phone number. Someone will call.