Board and Committees

Board of Directors are active Friends who lead the organization. 

Committees are active Friends who assist the Board with outreach, marketing, events, fundraising, and scholarships.

  • Outreach, Marketing, and Events Committee:
    • Develops the Annual Calendar of arts events.
    • Maintains the website and a brochure.
    • Coordinates fundraising and outreach events.
    • Coordinates the Host calendar.
  • Annual Campaign and Scholarships Committee:
    • Coordinates an Annual Campaign mailing to remind Friends to make their annual tax-deductible contribution.
    • Coordinates the Endowment Campaign.
    • Coordinates scholarship selections.
    • Hosts an annual Scholarship Luncheon and a Meet the Artists event.
  • Endowment Committee
    • Conducts long-range campaigns to add to the two scholarship endowments created in the last three years.
    • The committee goal is to build $300,000 of endowments to secure future scholarships
  • Board Committees: Executive, Agenda and Nominating Committee

To volunteer, contact the Board President from the Contact Us page.