Start preparing for your career today!

Use the resources below to locate internships, research positions, and jobs that give you relevant industry experience. 

These resources are for CSUEB Students only:

  1. Handshake: Connecting students to internships, on and off-campus jobs, part time positions, etc.
  2. CalState S4: Get academic credit for an internship experience; directory of approved organizations with volunteer and internship placements
  3. LinkedIn Learning: Digital professional development courses taught by industry experts are available. After completion you can earn digital badges for your LinkedIn account and a certificate of completion by LinkedIn
  4. Interview Prep: Gain honest feedback, recourses and tools while practicing for your next interview
  5. Interstride - Platform designed to assist International students with their career journey as well as students interested in working in careers outside of the United States

Research Careers:

  1. OOH: Use the Occupational Outlook Handbook to research careers
  2. O-Net: Use for career exploration

Internship Stipend Award Opportunities: 

  1. CSIP Summer Internships  
  2. College CorpsCollege Corps is a "serve, learn, and earn" program where students receive a living allowance and education award for 450 hours of community service and professional development training activities. Enrollment for the 2024-2025 academic year will open in late Spring 2024 and remain open through the beginning of the Fall semester. If you wish to take part in the College Corps program, please complete the Interest Form: 
  3. CSU Chancellor’s Office Funding opportunities 
  4. Learning-Aligned Employment Program (LAEP)

Government / Washington DC Opportunities:

  2. Federal Government Internship Search

Paid Micro Internships / Short Term Experiences:

  1. Parker Dewey - Get in the door with paid Micro-Internships designed so you can explore career opportunities, demonstrate skills, and build relationships — all on your schedule.
  2. The Forage - Explore careers and prepare for the job with hundreds of free job simulations designed by the world's top employers.
  3. Coursera - Launch or boost your career with professional certifications (IT, STEM, Data Science, etc.) at little or no cost.

Entertainment Industry:

  1. CSU Entertainment Allianceaims to provide a competitive edge to CSU students entering the entertainment industry by removing some of the financial and structural roadblocks encountered while trying to get your foot in the door.

Online Portfolios: Create an online professional portfolio to showcase your individual skills, qualifications and talents

  1. Canva 
  2. Adobe Express
  3. Portfolium

Training Opportunities:

  1. Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Program (WIOA)
  2. Interview Resources

Right To Work

DACA / AB540 / Undocumented

Students may use their work authorization (or a valid ITIN to be paid as an independent contractor. If student has an ITIN, make sure it has not expired. Find information on ITIN expiration and renewal here: IRS. If student has work authorization, check status to ensure it has not expired. Work authorizations through DACA are renewable every two years. If you need to renew your DACA, contact the Undocumented Student Resource Center (USRC)


Not sure if you have an ITIN? Consult with your parents - If they  claimed you as a dependent on their income taxes, you may already have one.  If you do not have an ITIN, you can learn how to obtain one through the ITIN Guide, IRS or the Independent Contractor Forms video from Immigrants Rising.

International Students

International students (F-1 visa holders) must obtain work authorization, such as CPT, OPT or Economic Hardship, before beginning any off-campus employment.


If you are a current international student at CSUEB, please confirm your off campus employment eligibility with CIE before applying for internships. If you have already completed your program of study, you must have OPT approval and your internship must meet the OPT requirements. Contact the CIE: Center for International Education for more information. 

Want to meet with a Career Counselor?

Make a career appointment with a Career Counselor in (AACE) by scheduling an appointment on BayAdvisor.

For general internship information:  

For general career development information: