Start preparing for your career today!

Look for an internship or job that gives you relevant experience.
Research positions within your career interest.

These resources are for CSUEB Students only:

  1. Handshake: Connecting students to on and off-campus jobs
  2. Student Opportunity Center: Local and national Internships/ Fellowships/ Research/ Scholarships
  3. CalState S4: Get academic credit for an internship experience; directory of approved organizations with volunteer and internship placements
  4. LinkedIn Learning: Digital professional development courses taught by industry experts are available. After completion you can earn digital badges for your LinkedIn account and a certificate of completion by LinkedIn
  5. Interview Stream: Gain honest feedback, recourses and tools while practicing for your next interview

Research Careers:

  1. OOH: Use the Occupational Outlook Handbook to research careers
  2. O-Net: Use for Career exploration

Internship Stipend Award Opportunities: 

  1. CSSP Summer 2022 Internships  
  2. Pioneer Academic Internship Program: Have a non paid internship placement and enrolled in an internship class? Apply for Spring 2022 Internship Stipend Award. Fall and Spring placements only. Does not apply for summer. Application Available Fall 2021.  
  3. CSU Chancellor’s Office Funding opportunities 

Want to meet with a Career Counselor?

Make a career appointment with Academic Advising & Career Education (AACE) or if major related please contact major department. 

For general internship questions contact:  

For general job questions contact