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College Corps

College Corps is now recruiting for 2023-24! College Corps is a "serve, learn, and earn" program where students receive a living allowance and education award for 450 hours of community service and professional development training activities. 


Program Information

The  fellowship has three main goals:

  • Engage college students in meaningful service opportunities that build leadership skills and civic responsibility.
  • Promote academic success and economic well being with students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Support the work of community-based organizations focused on key local priorities: K-12 Education, Food Insecurity, Climate Action.

Students who complete all fellowship requirements (450 program hours) will receive the following benefits:

  • Up to $10,000 combined in a living allowance (monthly) and education award (at the end of the year);
  • Real-world experience and skills to add to their resumes;
  • Training, networking, and professional development opportunities; 
  • Pride and accomplishment in working toward a common purpose alongside young leaders from across the state;
  • Potential academic credit (Students not already enrolled in an eligible course can enroll in the General Studies 498 internship course.)

General Eligibility 23-24:

  • Enrolled Full Time Cal State East Bay Student for 2023-24
  • Undergraduate Student
  • Good Academic Standing
  • U.S. Citizen or legal permanent resident OR AB 540 CA Dream Act Student

Financial Eligibility:

1. Students who receive financial aid (state or federal): College Corps compensation will be considered as part of your financial aid package. Important Notice to Federal, State, and Institutional Financial Aid Recipients

Federal Eligible Students - Federal Application for Student Financial Aid for 2023-24 (FAFSA) 
AB 540 Eligible Students - California Dream Act Application (CADAA) for 2023-2024 academic year; active recipient of Cal Grant B Award for 2023-24 OR an active recipient of a Cal Grant A Award who is also Cal Grant B eligible. 

*Final Financial student eligibility will be determined after financial aid awards for 2023-24 have been confirmed by the Office of Financial Aid in July/August. The College Corps program may help offset student loans by replacing or reducing the amount a student needs to borrow. The Office of Financial Aid will work with students to determine the best option. Students with questions about financial aid or CADAA status or process should contact the Office of Financial Aid at Cal State East Bay. https://www.csueastbay.edu/financialaid/index.html 

2. Students who do not receive state or federal financial aid: Are still eligible for the College Corps program. (Applies to U.S. Citizens or Legal Permanent Residents only. AB 540 students must be recipients of Cal Grants A or B.)

Federal Eligible Student Application (Slots Available): https://forms.gle/spDCMi3bLqsJMjSG9


AB 540/"Dreamer" Student Waitlist Application: AB-540 slots have been filled, however you are still able to join our waitlist in case a slot becomes available.






2022-23 College Corps: Current Student Resources

College Corps will reimburse students for round trip mileage from the Cal State East Bay Hayward Hills campus to their community service site. To receive reimbursement, students must first follow university processes for approved travel. These reimbursements will be tallied and submitted monthly based on the actual number of days the student worked at their community service placement site. The forms will be prepared through the Center for Community Engagement and distributed to students for signature prior to submission. The CCE is not responsible for delayed reimbursements due to a delay in students submitting their community service hours and/or signing their forms. The first reimbursements will be prepared in early October for September travel.

*The first two documents were given to you in Orientation, if you already submitted them to us, you do not need to submit again.

America Learns Timesheet- Alongside the video linked in the Orientation Presentation, feel free to walk through this PowerPoint Presentation on America Learns. One note, the orientation hours should be logged under *CSU East Bay: Training. Your service hours and trainings you complete with your host site will be logged under your community host site (screenshot example below).

Log in to your AmericaLearns Account here: https://americalearns.net/index.cfm?event=user.login

If you have not yet completed your Background Check, you will notice that your timesheet that included the August 26th orientation has been blacked out. This is due to the fact that your service cannot start until your Background check has been completed. You can log your orientation hours on September 10th (once your background check has been completed). 

Google Timesheet- You can log your orientation into your google timesheet. You can find your timesheet in the student folder linked below. If your placement has changed and it is no longer correct on your google timesheet, please email Carol.Trost@csueastbay.edu and she can get that updated for you. 

College Corps Program

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