What to Expect After Filing

Next Steps

A summary of the complaint process is outlined below. Please reference the full policy for details.

Step 1
After submitting a complaint, the DHR Administrator will schedule an intake interview with the Complainant. 
Step 2 Within 10 working days of the intake interview, the DHR Administrator will evaluate the claim to determine if the campus has the jurisdiction to investigate it, and will notify the Complainant if there will be an investigation or not. If the claim is not a potential DHR violation, the claim will not be investigated.
Step 3 If the complaint is accepted for an investigation, the Complainant and Respondent (the accused) will be notified in writing about the pending investigation.
Step 4 The investigation will be completed within 60 working days of the intake interview, unless the investigation timeline has been extended (at the discretion of the investigator).
Step 5 At the end of the investigation, the investigator shall prepare an investigative report. The Complainant and Respondent will be notified of the investigation outcome within 10 working days of the completion of the report.
Step 6 Complaints that are found to be substantiated will be reported to the appropriate Vice Presidents in order to determine and effectuate the appropriate sanction.


Equitable Rights

  • When the Complainant and Respondent receive the Notice of Investigation, they are informed of their right to have a representative of their choice when being interviewed by the investigator.
  • The Complainant is informed through the official notice of the Investigation Outcome of the right to appeal to the Chancellor's Office if not satisfied with the findings of the investigation.
  • The Complainant and the Respondent are informed of their rights to provide the investigator with information and documentation they feel are relevant to the claim at any time during the investigation.
  • The Complainant and the Respondent have the right to identify witnesses to support their respective positions during the interview process of the investigation.

If You Don't Want to File a Complaint

The University strongly encourages individuals to file a complaint so that they can access the resources they need, and to ensure that our campus can respond appropriately. However, individuals may choose to discuss their concerns with their supervisors at any time. Additionally, individuals may choose to report their DHR concern to an Outside Agency.


I'm a supervisor- what do I do if an employee claims they have experienced Discrimination, Harassment, and/ or Retaliation?

If one of your employees has stated that they believe they have faced DHR in any way, you must inform them of their right to file a DHR complaint with the DHR Administrator, and provide them with a copy of the anti-discrimination policy and complaint form. You may also inform the DHR Administrator of the employee's claim that they have faced DHR.
Please note: by referring an employee to the DHR Administrator, you are not exempt from managing the involved parties. In fact, you are expected to manage the aggrieved employee, as well as any other involved party that you may know about, without bias. If you have questions about how to achieve this balance, please contact Human Resources for guidelines and training on how to manage such a work environment.