Report a Bias Incident

Click here to electronically report a bias incident.

Equitable East Bay

Cal State East Bay values belonging and respect for all peoples and cultures, fostering a strong sense of inclusion and pride in an engaged university community. We commit to identifying injustice and acting to make equity and accountability integral to our decisions and practices.

By recognizing, reporting and preventing bias-related or hate incidents, we can foster an even more inclusive campus community where all members feel welcomed and supported.

What is bias?

Everyday acts of intolerance manifest themselves in many ways: name-calling, slurs, "casual" putdowns regarding race, ethnicity, gender, size, abilities, perceived sexual orientation or gender identification. It might be blatant, or it might be subtle. In some cases, the viciousness is intentional; in others, perpetrators might have little clue— other than shock value—about the meaning behind the words, signs and symbols they shout, tweet, paint or text. In many ways, the issue is less about intent—who can know for certain why someone does something?—and more about impact. No matter the intention, these messages and behaviors can cause fear, damage and injury to individuals and the entire school community (Teaching Tolerance, 2017).

Anti-bias reporting can help:

  • Refer those who report incidents to appropriate campus offices that can effectively respond through investigation, educational coaching, or other resources, depending on the nature of the incident
  • Refer students, faculty and staff to support resources
  • Log all reported incidents and track for trends
  • Notify campus leaders of ongoing bias incidents and trends
  • Inform the campus community about our work through informational meetings and annual reports

If you witness, or are made aware of, bias-related incidents, we encourage you to submit an electronic report.

If you are uncomfortable submitting a bias incident report, ask a trusted colleague or friend to do it for you.