Workers’ Compensation Return to Work

In order to return to work you must:

Regular Work

  1. Provide Work Status Report to the Workers’ Compensation Coordinator immediately after your appointment.
  2. Notify Manager/Supervisor of return to work date.

Return to Work with Work Restrictions (Modified Duty)

  1. The Workers’ Compensation Coordinator and Manager/Supervisor will evaluate the work restrictions to determine the feasibility of transitional work.
  2.  If transitional work is available, a Return-to-Work Agreement will be prepared and discussed with the employee and supervisor.  Please remember this is not a permanent position; it is only temporary.

Medical Appointments 

  1. It is the employee’s responsibility to attend all appointments.
  2. The employee must provide all treating work status reports to the Workers’ Compensation Coordinator immediately  after your appointment, if possible, but no later than the next business day.
  3. CSU policy states that absences shall be charged to the employee’s leave credits (i.e., sick leave, vacation, CTO, etc.) for doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, and/or medical procedures.  Contact the Workers’ Compensation Coordinator for possible exceptions.

To ensure a successful return to work, cooperation is vital.  For additional information please refer to the Return-to-Work Employee Information Sheet.