Finance Concentration

Effective management of Finance is critical to the success of any organization and the need to develop Finance expertise has become more essential and urgent with increasing financial challenges around the world. Finance ranks one of the top 10 fields in demand in the US job market according to Job Outlook.


The Finance option offers students the knowledge, analytical tools, and essential skills used in careers in the finance industry, such as corporate finance, investment banking, financial analysis, investment management, quantitative finance, real estate, insurance, various other financial intermediaries, and private enterprise. Corporate financial management includes corporate financing decisions, capital structure, cost of capital, corporate investments and capital budgeting, mergers and acquisitions, dividend policy, and corporate governance.

Finance electives cover a broad range of important areas in finance, including Security Analysis and Portfolio Management; International Financial Management; Financial Markets; Options, Futures, and Derivatives; Management of Risk and Insurance; Financial Management of Banking Institutions; New Venture Financing; and Other Issues in Finance.

Students in finance often enter careers in banking as Budget Analysts or Lending Officers, in brokerage firms as Investment Analysts or Commodities Brokers, in corporations as financial analysts, and progress up the managerial ranks to Chief Financial Officer or Treasurer and in the investment industry as traders, fund managers, and investment bankers.