General Business Concentration

The MBA program supports student's career advancement by preparing them for positions of leadership in an increasingly diverse and globally competitive economy. The program is centered on the rigorous knowledge of the basic functional areas of business, an appreciation of management challenges in a global context, and opportunities to develop students interpersonal and executive leadership skills. It also enables students to deepen and broaden their knowledge and skills through elective courses in an area of concentration. The program offers a range of formats to cater to the needs of full and part time students and students seeking an executive style MBA.



There is a strong growth in opportunities for management careers in both the general and the functional areas represented in the program’s concentrations. The MBA program prepares graduates with strong foundation in general management knowledge and skills and gives them an extra edge in concentration areas that are growing in demand.

Among the strong careers for those with MBA include: Financial Manager, Health Services Manager, High-End Management Consultant, Human Resources Manager, Investment Banker, Investment Fund Manager, Marketing Manager, Marketing Researcher, Sales Manager, Operations and Supply Chain Manager, and Upper Management and Executive Leadership. The growing career opportunities for Finance, Marketing, HR, Operations, and Strategy validate the strength and the value of the CSUEB MBA program..



MBA General Business Degree Requirement (42 Semester units)

To complete the MBA with General Business Concentration, a student must complete the following:


Core Courses (27 units)

The following 27 core units are required for all MBA students:

  • MKTG 601 - Managerial Communications (1.5 units)
  • MGMT 601 - Leading People in Organizations (1.5 units)
  • BAN 602 - Quantitative Fundamentals for Analytics (3 units)
  • MGMT 603 - Managing Complex Issues in Global Context (3 units)
  • ACCT  604 - Financial Accounting (3 units)
  • FIN      605 - Corporate Financial Management (3 units)
  • ECON 606 - Managerial Economics (3 units)
  • MKTG 607 - Marketing Management (3 units)
  • MGMT 608 - Operations and Supply Chain Management (3 units)
  • MGMT 609 - Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (3 units)

General Business Concentration (12 units)


Students select 12 units of 600 level electives from: BAN, BUS, ECON, FIN, MGMT, and MKTG (excluding BAN 601, BAN 602, and BUS 601 through BUS 610). Please check each elective in the catalog description for pre-requisites. University Catalog

Courses must be drawn from at least three different subject areas (based on course prefixes).

Capstone Requirement (3 units)

  • MGMT 693 - Strategic Management Capstone (Project)


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