MBA for Global Innovators

More than a typical MBA program...

The MBA for Global Innovators is an incubator environment that mirrors the complexity of the international business arena.
Join a cohort of experienced professionals and entrepreneurs for an MBA with an emphasis on Globalization and Innovation.

Why Join The Program?

This program emphasizes a team approach to learning and integrates core business disciplines with a global perspective. You will work collaboratively with other talented professionals and entrepreneurs whose diverse careers, skill sets, and backgrounds will stretch and broaden your worldview. This dynamic cohort experience allows you to take advantage of your peer’s insights and create friendships and professional relationships that will last a lifetime. There is an optional ten-day international travel-study-research experience as part of the program ($1000 plus airfare). At the end of your 18 months, not only will you build an extended personal and professional network that will span across the world but you will gain greater confidence as an innovative and global-minded business leader.

Program Objectives

Students of the MBA for Global Innovators will be able to:

  • Broaden their awareness of global business opportunities and how to pursue them.
  • Expand what is possible for them to achieve in a global economy
  • Improve their ability to respond to dynamic situations as an innovator
  • Hone their leadership and collaborative skills
  • Identify and assess factors that determine the performance of teams and organizations
  • Manage and motivate others in complex business environments
  • Develop sound business plans and present ideas effectively


Sample of courses from Fall 2024 to Spring 2026.

International Immersion


“The immersion trip to Vietnam was an amazing trip that I will never forget. No words or pictures are equivocal to the first-hand interaction you get when you are actually there. Traveling to Vietnam was like being baptized. I immersed under water and came back with a new outlook in life.”
- Erica Hoxie, 2015

“My experience in Vietnam echoed the fact that at the core people who ascribe to different values, beliefs and attitudes as framed by their experiences and norms of local culture are basically the same. We all want the same things: love, honor, respect, means to support our families, sense of accomplishment and the basic things that give life value and purpose. The challenge is to put aside our limited perspectives and viewpoints and talk to people of other cultures. If we were to have open dialogue, we would find that even with our differences, we are much the same.”
- Phyllis Cameron, 2015


"Sightseeing, experiencing Hungarian culture/history and understanding the economy was all wrapped up when we were visiting the 2 wineries on our trip. Both wineries gave us an introduction to the winery, the history of the winery, the founders and the history of the wine industry over time. Hungry was never known for their wines up until recently when they started producing award winning wines that would compete against the larger more notorious countries such as France. We also learned how world purchasing takes place, for example when China sends a representative to taste test wines from many different wineries and whatever they decide is the wines of choice would order large quantities to ship back to China to sell to their people.

This was a once in a lifetime experience, and I cherished every moment of it. I feel so fortunate to have found this program and the timing could not have been any better as I love my classmates, the professors we have had and the directors."
- Ryan Carter, 2014


"The Immersion program is a wonderful opportunity to link knowledge with experience. As Global Innovators, the immersion program has really opened up my eyes to the vast diversity and potential of China. I have learned several things in the Immersion program particularly about the Chinese culture and history, education systems, hospitals, infrastructure, maintenance, technology advancements and business conduct in China. I felt a strong sense of pride amongst Chinese and rightly so as they deserve it; and a fascination for everything 'Big'."
- Shankar Natarajan, 2013