Human Resources and Organizational Behavior Concentration

People are every organization's most important resource. An abundance of research evidence confirms the strong relationship between effective utilization of human resources and sustained organizational success, with even moderate changes in human resources practices resulting in a 10 to 20 percent increase in market value. Organizations with effective people management strategies have decreased absenteeism and turnover, increased sales and profits, and higher long-term returns. The expertise and competencies developed from studying Human Resources Management (HRM) and Organizational Behavior (OB) will support any managerial leader in identifying, developing, and rewarding committed, high-performing employees. The Human Resources Management function in organizations is to develop systems and implements practices that support all managerial leaders to effectively recruit, select, train, evaluate, compensate, motivate, and discipline employees. In many organizations, HRM/OB expertise is applied to organizational communication, development, and innovation functions. Please check each elective description for prerequisites.


The Human Resources Management and Organizational Behavior Concentration is designed for students who want to master knowledge and skills in developing systems for managing people to meet the strategic needs of organizations in both the public and private sectors. Courses cover the interrelationships between organizational strategy, structure, policies, and practices with the motivation, satisfaction, and creativity of employees. The concentration emphasizes global awareness, innovative practices, and ethical application. All courses in the HRM/OB Concentration will provide students with strategic, up-to-date knowledge from the fields of management, leadership, team building, organizational development, and human resources management. HRM/OB courses engage students through project-based exercises with the decisions and challenges facing today’s managers and HR professionals.