The Pioneer Path to Student Success-Graduation 2025

Recently, the California State University System announced a new and very aggressive plan to help students graduate in a more timely manner.  It is our hope, at Cal State East Bay, that every entering First Year student will aspire to graduate in four years and that every transfer student will aspire to graduate in 2 years!

This means, we must all work together—students, supporters, staff, faculty, and administrators—toward our goal.  At Cal State East Bay we have already started the process!  Based on feedback we have received as well as our data related to attrition, achievement gaps, and students dropping out, here are some initiatives we have instituted to create the Pioneer Path to Student Success. Note: these are pilot programs that we currently assess to determine which ones make the most sense moving forward:

  1. Notifying all First Year Students who started at Cal State East Bay in 2013 and all Transfer Students who started at Cal State East Bay in 2015, and who have 130 units, that they have the potential to graduate.  These students will, if they meet certain requirements, be offered a textbook voucher to help them move forward on their way to graduating by the end of Summer 2017.
  2. Working with these same students to make sure they have the advising and courses they need to graduate.
  3. Making the WST, writing skills test—otherwise known as the Graduation Writing Skills Requirement—FREE for the first 2000 students who register.
  4. Creating new online modules that give students information they can use to plan their time at Cal State East Bay as efficiently as possible.
  5. Providing more tutoring and supplemental instruction in the SCAA (2nd floor of the library).
  6. Making more advisors available.
  7. Creating new professional development opportunities for Faculty so that they can help shape the way we meet the new system goals.
  8. Summer Grants for students who can graduate by the end of Summer 2017 if they take a full load of courses.
  9. Expanding our data capabilities, so that we can identify student needs and meet them! 
  10. Adding sections of classes that students need to graduate.

Questions about any of the above programs may be addressed to: Associate Provost, 

We all want our students to Succeed—the Pioneer Path will be a great way to get there!