Policies and Procedures

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Unit 11 form documents

Under the UAW contract, Teaching Associates ("TAs") and Instructional Student Assistants ("ISAs") must receive written notice of appointment or reappointment as soon as practicable after the hiring decision. Pursuant to the contract, the notice must contain certain particularized information. In addition, the University must also provide TAs and ISAs with job descriptions setting forth the specific duties of the appointment as soon as practicable.

Below are TA and ISA Form Appointment Notices and Job Descriptions. They are primarily fill in the blank forms. However, both the TA and ISA Job Description forms have one drop down field each. For instructions on what to put in each field, press F1 while you are in the respective field.

ISA Forms

TA Forms

ISA Appointment Notice - General TA Appointment Notice 
ISA Appointment Notice - With Evaluation Notice TA Job Description
ISA Job Description - General TA Policy
ISA Job Description - Work Study TA Description of Duties Form

In addition, below are sample evaluation notice documents. Under the UAW Contract, Article 8, "[i]f an employment evaluation is to take place, the employing department . . . shall communicate, in writing, evaluation criteria, schedule and procedures for written employment evaluations, to employees . . . within the first fourteen (14) days of the appointment period." Accordingly, if you want to evaluate a particular ISA or TA or a group during appointment, you can only do so if you provide notice to the employee within 14 days of the employee's start of employment of your intention to do so and you provide the employee with the criteria, schedule and procedures for the evaluation.

UAW Sample Evaluation Notice Documents

Evaluation Notice Letter
Student Evaluation Form
Evaluation Criteria

Finally, under the UAW contract, "[t]he University shall create and maintain a central website . . . and shall post information on it regarding open hire bargaining unit employee positions when these positions become available." In addition, the contract prescribes the contents of each posting. Accordingly, below is a form Job Posting for TA and ISA positions. TA and ISA jobs should be posted in the hiring department website. HR serves as the central website to access the posting through links to Departments.

All Unit 11 employees (TAs, GAs and ISAs) are required to sign the Oath of Allegiance

Please note Courts have found that the oath does not require a person to bear arms or engage in violence, and a pacifist may take the oath. 


TA/ISA Job Posting

ISA/TA Employment ISA/TA Positions

Teaching Associate Positions at East Bay

Art: 1
Biology: 16
Chemistry: 7
Communication: 5
Computer Science: 2
Earth & Environmental Sciences: 4
English: 7
General Education: 8
Hosp, Rec & Tourism: 1
Kinesiology: 2
Math: 15
Music: 2

Sabbatical/Difference-in-Pay Information

Sabbatical/Difference-in-Pay Procedures

Sabbatical/Difference-in-Pay Application (with promissory note) directions

Sabbatical/Difference-in-Pay Report directions