How Coaching Works

College can be tough! Sometimes it helps to have someone to guide you through the process. That's what a coach does. They are a guide to help students figure out the best steps to help reach your goals!

Coaches work with students in two ways. Some coaches work alongside faculty members in the Freshman Foundations of Success classes. They work to create greater classroom community and help bridge students to their faculty. Coaches also work with students one-on-one to build key student skills for success.

Ways coaches support you:

Time management: Helping students maximize their time and making plans for what to do and when. Developing a time management tool to create a routine.

Planning & Prioritization: Develop study plans for times when professors don't provide a guide, or the guide doesn't match up with what was on the exam. Assist in plan and prioritize to do well on quizzes, exams, and projects. 

Using Campus Resources: There are so many great resources on campus but it can be hard to know how to use them all. Coaches help you use resources strategically so you can get the help you need from the right place!

Communicating with Staff & Faculty: Coaches will help guide students through communicating with professors to advocate for their academic needs. As well as assist in reaching out to advisors to foster the most beneficial relationship for the student.  

  • " It is like talking to close friends that wants you to do good in not only your academics but in your mental health. It is not like a forced thing like many feel with adults. Peer coaching is a lot more helpful because they are way more down to earth and real with you." - Mariana
  • "It changes your whole mindset about your school work so that you can finish the year out strong." - Raven
  • "The best thing about my coach was that she truly showed she cared about me improving and gave me the best advice when I told her I was afraid of failing Math, thanks to her I am more confident in asking for help." - Coaching Student
  • "These short sessions impacted my grades drastically and helped me create better study habits. The coaches understand exactly what you are stressing about and are here to help you in the long run." - Sasha
  • "My coach introduced me to tools that I never knew about but ended up being very helpful. She always helped me with any question that I've had. Everytime I emailed I got a response the same day. " - Janiah
  • "Emailing professors was always intimidating but my coach made it seem so easy. And it really is! So now I email who I need to email whenever I feel the need to. " - Coaching Student
  • "The best thing about coaching for me was the weekly meetings. Going over my grades and getting a better handle of time management with my coach changed the motivation I had towards my education." - Jamiah
  • "As much as you may think you don't need it, having someone there to guide you and someone to rely on will help a lot." - Coaching Student