Pioneer Data Warehouse Key Terms

Academic Level (reporting): Academic level for reporting generally refers to the class in which a student is enrolled. For example, the following Academic Level categories are generally used: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, 2nd Baccalaureate, Credential, Unclassified Post Baccalaureate and Graduate (MDS and EDD).
Some reports use projected level for new students. Projected Level is used until transfer credit units have been evaluated and applied to the students’ academic record. Projected level for new students is used until the census date of a given academic term.

Applicant Type: Applicant type refers to which department is responsible for evaluating a given application for admission. Domestic applications are processed by Planning and Enrollment Management (PEM) and International applications (F1 or J1 visa holders or any applicants with foreign transcripts) are processed by International Admissions Office (IAO).

FTES: Full-Time Equivalent Student based on state-side units (Special Session/Open University units are not counted). FTES refers to the calculation of full-time equivalency based on academic career.

  • Undergraduate students = Total units/15
  • Second Baccalaureate = Total units/15
  • Credential students = Total units/15
  • Post Baccalaureate = Total units/15
  • Master Degree Program = Total units/12
  • Education in Doctorate Degree (EDD) = Total Units/12

Residency Fees: Residency fees are dependent upon California residency (resident) or out-of-state and international resident (Non-Resident).

SCUs: Student Credit Units represents the number of units a student is taking for a given term.

Snapshots: This represents selected pre-determined enrollments points of “frozen” data for a given term. These snapshots are used to compare data for the current term against the same point for a previous term. This is used for enrollment planning and for predictive modeling. The “Current Snapshot” always represents the most current information. Note: When using “official” census data, be sure to select “Census to CO”. This snapshot represents when the official census files are sent to the CSU Chancellor’s Office.

Self-Support Enrollment: Generally, enrollments that are considered “self support” are taken by students who are either in a degree-seeking program that is only offered through the Division of Continuing and International Education (DCIE), or are enrolled in Open University and/or Extension. The fees charged to students wholly support DCIE courses and thus the enrollments costs are not supported by the state.

State-Side Enrollment: This refers to the enrollment of students who are in a regular matriculated program. This enrollment is used as a basis for FTES calculations, is considered the “official” University count, and is used to determine state support received by the university.