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Division of Student Affairs

Connect ● Engage ● Transform

Student Affairs seeks to work with our campus partners to guide our diverse student population on their path to academic, career and personal success. Our battle cry is "Connect ~ Engage ~ Transform," which is what we seek to do with the campus and our students.


Identify, develop and implement programs and policies that support improving student retention and graduation such as registration practices, improving the writing skills test, intrusive advising, and transfer credit processing. Student Affairs will partner with Academic Affairs for several initiatives including enhanced use of data for assessment of efforts and fulfilling the system directive to improve graduation rates by 2025. Efforts will also be made to target specific populations of students, such as transfer students, first generation students and sophomores.

Working with Academic Affairs and Academic Senate representations, we will develop a comprehensive, long range enrollment management plan. This group also has begun the effort to seek impaction status from the system as one enrollment management tool. Finally, partnering with Institutional Research we will analyze our existing data on enrollment and develop a data template.

SA will work in collaboration to enhance our culture of evidence through systematic assessments, analysis of data, and communication of outcomes. In addition we have begun to produce annual reports about achievements throughout the year for each department, and use the results of a listening tour that the leadership team conducted with faculty, staff and disengaged students in 2015-16.

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