Recreation and University Union Alternative Consultation Fee Adjustment

Alternative Consultation Fee Adjustment

The University Union (UU) and Recreation and Wellness Center (RAW) at Cal State, East Bay have a unique and close relationship with regard to their funding and management. Although UU and UU/RAW student fees are collected and managed separately, they actually comprise one fund. In recent years, less revenue and rising costs have led to continued reductions in the operating budgets supported by these fees and resulted in reduced building hours, staffing and services. An alternative consultation is proposed during the Spring of 2023 to increase UU and UU/RAW fees beginning Spring 2024. We invite you to learn about the proposed solutions, University Union and RAW fee adjustments, and ways to share your feedback


Alternative Consultation Objectives

The objectives of the alternative consultation are: 

  • to increase each fee to a level that will allow for the effective and efficient management and programming of the UU and RAW buildings and services;
  • to establish clearly that student focused programming is an allowable use of student fee revenue for the UU and RAW;
  • to authorize an annual COLA adjustment to ensure the revenues collected will keep up with increasing expenses over time. The HEPI (3-year average) would be applied as needed, following a financial review.


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