Counseling Group Handouts

These materials are to use in conjunction with participation in our counseling groups.

Please feel free to explore materials for all of our groups.  Our current schedule of groups for the semester is on our Group Counseling webpage.  Registered students can sign up to participate in any group at

Slides and Handouts by Group

All material adapted with permission from Calming Anxiety, Living Mindfully (CALM) Curriculum developed by Dr. David Emmert, PsyD, San Jose State University Counseling and Psychological Services, unless otherwise noted.

Week 1 Slides - Introduction

Week 2 Slides - My Signs of Anxiety

Week 3 Slides - Mindfulness

Week 4 Slides - Power of Perception

Week 5 Slides - Anxiety and Me

Week 6 Slides - Perception and Panic

Week 7 Slides - Acceptance and Change

Week 8 Slides - Radical Acceptance

Week 9 Slides - Emotions

Week 10 Slides - Worry

Week 11 Slides - Worry Habit

Week 12 Slides - RESET Our Worry

Week 13 Slides - Assertiveness

Week 14 Slides - Relationships

Extra Resource - Anxiety Flare-ups

Extra Resource - My Early Warning Signs and Anxiety Action Plan