Group Counseling

Group Counseling

Due to Covid-19, all groups for Spring 2021 will be run over Zoom.  Students may participate via video, or with audio only.

To register for any group, students can go to https:/, call (510) 885-3735, email, or talk with a counselor. 

To participate in a group session, students who have registered can log into the portal.  The Zoom link for the meeting will be available under "Appointments" at the scheduled time.

To access handouts and materials from group sessions, visit our Counseling Group Handouts webpage.

Groups running Spring 2021:

Coping Skills

An ongoing, interactive workshop for students to create and maintain healthy changes in their lives. 

  • Mondays, 12pm
Anxiety Tool Box

An ongoing workshop teaching and practicing skills to manage anxiety.  

  • Tuesdays, 12pm

Self-Care Moment

Take a break to practice simple and  effective activities that improve mental health, such as art and journaling.  No experience necessary.  

  • Wednesdays, 12pm

Getting Unstuck

An ongoing seminar to help students learn skills to manage depression. 

  • Thursdays, 12pm

Healthy Relationships

Explore ways to build healthier relationships. Topics include power and control, consent, communication, dating, friendship, and communicating boundaries.  

  • Thursdays, 2pm

Healthy Families

Explore ways to build healthier family relationships. Topics include communication, boundaries, expectations, and family roles. Discussions may be relevant to non-family relationships as well.

  • Fridays, 12pm

Self-Care Workshops

Counselors are available to run workshops on self-care for interested classes or student groups. These workshops are particularly useful for those in caretaking professions, or involved in activism. They can be tailored to any group’s needs and availability. Contact or call (510) 885-3735 for more information.


Last Edited 12/23/20