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Student Investment Fund

The Student Investment Fund (FIN425) is an engaging elective course offered by the College of Business and Economics.

In this course, students embark on a hands-on journey into the world of managing real money in an investment fund. Through this experience, they master the art of analyzing financial statements and assessing risk, while also gaining proficiency in data analysis using financial models and statistical techniques.

This course gives students the opportunity to craft research reports and pitch their investment proposals, influencing the fund's trajectory.

The Student Investment Fund combines theory with practical application, equipping students with the skills necessary for successful careers. Join us in exploring the exciting realm of investments and charting your path to professional success with FIN425 – the gateway to your financial future.

Student Investment Fund goes beyond financial education. It also instills the importance of giving back and sharing success. Each year, 5% of the fund’s net assets are distributed back to students in the form of scholarships.



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