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Student Investment Fund

A hands-on experiential learning opportunity for students interested in understanding the investment process.

The Student Investment Fund (FIN 425) is a 3-unit elective course offered by the College of Business and Economics. In this unique course, students manage real money in an investment fund and get exposure to the investment management process. Students learn about drivers for valuation and risk by analyzing financial statements and fundamental metrics. Students get hands-on experience managing large datasets and applying model-driven analyses in a computer lab. Students learn portfolio theory mechanics and how to manage a diversified portfolio by applying advanced statistical techniques. Students craft analyst reports and pitch recommendations, ultimately deciding the direction of the portfolio. The Student Investment Fund offers students hoping to immerse themselves in the world of investing, a chance to blend theoretical knowledge with real-world application. 


"The Student Investment Fund teaches students about the importance of giving back and sharing success. Each year, 5% of the fund’s net assets are distributed back to students in the form of scholarships."



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