Expand Your Horizons

The Student Investment Fund (SIF) offers a wealth of opportunities to enrich your student experience and prepare for a successful career.

  • Excel in Microsoft Excel: Develop proficiency in Microsoft Excel as you learn to handle large datasets within a complex financial model, a skill highly sought after in the industry.
  • Navigate Professional Platforms: Dive into professional investment platforms like S&P Capital IQ. In the SIF, you'll immerse yourself in a real work environment, assuming the role of a financial analyst
  • Enhance Analytical Abilities: Develop advanced analytical skills and learn statistical techniques to make sense of complex financial data, equipping you with the tools to make informed investment decisions
  • Learn Portfolio Management Strategies: Discover strategies for managing diversified portfolios and identifying long-term investment opportunities that add value
  • Hone Communication Skills: Present investment recommendations to the Advisory Board, refining your public speaking and communication abilities – key attributes sought after by employers
  • Network with Professionals: Engage and network with industry professionals and faculty members to lay the groundwork for successful careers.
  • Invest in Your Future: Learn the principles of disciplined investing and strive towards financial independence under the guidance of experienced mentors
  • Attend Conferences: Attend national student investment fund conferences and competitions, with select students eligible for all-expense-paid trips. These events provide invaluable exposure and networking opportunities on a national scale.
With the Student Investment Fund, you're not just investing in your education – you're investing in your future success.

Application Process

Recommended course: Financial Management (FIN300)
Recommended GPA: 3.0
To apply, send an email to Professor Brian Du ( with the following information:
  • Title of email: Application to SIF for “Full Name, netid”
  • A copy of your transcript. Emphasize your grade in FIN300.
  • A statement on why you want to be in the SIF class and how you can help with our success.
  • Your major and any experience in using Excel.

Student Testimonials

"What made this class amazing is that it never felt like work that you dreaded doing. Every time I was partaking in work for this class, I felt that I was growing and contributing to something real since it involves real funds that go towards helping actual students on campus in the form of scholarships."
- Jordan Valente, Spring 2024

"This class has opened my eyes to the world of investing. I really enjoyed that this class is going at your own pace and that it follows more of a job workflow than a class workflow. This has been one of the most unique and useful courses I’ve taken at CSUEB."
- Skylar Young, Fall 2023

“I decided to take the SIF course because I believe that it is important to apply hands-on learning to real-world experiences rather than the knowledge provided to you within a book. This course allowed me to build not only the success of our current portfolio but enhance my skills to build my future success in investing as well.” 
- Jacqueline Cooper, Spring 2023

"Thank you for providing this excellent enriching experience on investment management and to network with experts in the industry. Because of this opportunity, I have more connections which will only open more doors."
- David Cox, Fall 2022 

"You were tasked with managing hundreds of thousands of dollars for the university, and while others are managing hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars, you are now fellow travelers walking in the footsteps of giants, and you are well on your way to becoming one of those giants yourselves."
- Christopher Thompson, Spring 2022