Raquel's story

I am a second year MSW student in the CSUEB Masters of Social Work Program.  My interest in pursuing my MSW is rooted in my desire to support our nation's heroes. My ability to provide the support and care our nation's heroes deserve would not be possible without the education, preparation, and experience I have gained throughout the MSW program at CSUEB.

In the classroom, Professor Yanez brought her many years of knowledge and real-world experience that she enthusiastically shared.  She also had an amazing ability to present the material in such a way that was relatable, interesting, and in various modalities that allowed for the different learning styles of all her students. She had a very special knack for relating theories and concepts to practical application, and she presented it in a very clear and understandable manner.  She was always genuinely interested in how we were doing, and she had everyone check in at the beginning of each class and again at the end with our takeaway from the day’s lecture.  I can recall several occasions where she approached me because she had noted I was “a little off” during my check-in and she was always correct in her observation.  Her sincerity and concern about my well-being, both in and out of the classroom, made it easy to talk to her and she was always ready to lend an ear.