Instructions For Preparing the Scoring Key Sheet

The following information must be completed by writing and filling in the bubbles in the sections indicated:

  • Last Name: Boxes 1-4 write and bubble abbreviated department name.  Boxes 5-14 write and bubble instructor's name
  • Net ID/Social Security: Write and bubble 999999999 (9's indicate key sheet)
  • ABC: the two-digit course section number (e.g. 01).
  • Form: For multiple versions of an examination, you may assign a form letter designation of A-J and mark it here. Each version will need a separate answer key sheet.
  • Number of Questions: the number of the last test item to be scored, even if that does not represent the total number of items.
  • Item Analysis:
    • Descriptive – Reports the number and percent of students or questions omitted.
    • Discriminative – Report is useful for evaluating individual test items in detail.
  • Code No.: the three-digit course number (e.g. 302).
  • Marking Answers: In the item response area of side 1, mark the correct answers to test items 1-100; mark the correct answers to items 101-160 on side 2.

Items that are not to be scored or that have more than one correct answer must be left blank. Leave blank items not to be scored. Items with two or more correct answers will not be scored.

Complete the Instructor, Course, Section, and Date blanks located in the upper-right corner.

Note: A blank answer sheet is used to make the answer key sheet (use No. 2 pencil).