Specialized Scoring Options

  • Formula Score:
    • Blank or 1: Student's score will equal the number of correct responses.
    • Choosing 2-5: It may sometimes be appropriate to subtract a fraction of the number wrong from the number right as a correction for guessing. The correction factor depends on the number of alternative choices for the test items and assumes that all items have the same number of alternatives. This option is invoked for the total test score by bubbling the number of alternative choices per item.

Correction for guessing can be a complicated matter and is difficult to explain to students. Users unfamiliar with this procedure are urged to consult Testing Office before using this option.

  • Weighting: It is possible to "weight" or assign more than one point to the test items.
    • Blank or 1 Assigns 1 point to each item.
    • 2 Assigns 2 points to each item.
    • 3 Assigns 3 points to each item.
    • 4 Assigns 4 points to each item.
  • Part Scores (option found on side 2 of key sheet): You may organize the total test into subtests and get scores for each one, as well as for the total test. The subtest items must be contiguous, with the maximum of 99 times in any subtest; up to six subtests may be defined. Mark the number of items in the first subtest in "Part 1", the number it items in the second subtest in "Part 2", etc. Additionally, each subtest may have a distinct scoring formula and item weight. These options are marked in the grid below the "Part Score" areas.