US-3 California State & Local Government.

All scheduled in- person EXAMS have been cancelled until further notice.


If you are missing CODE graduation requirements, US1, US2 and/or US3  (American Institution - U. S. Code), please email at with your complete name and NET ID. (Note: US1 & US2 are currently offered to the graduating seniors only) 


The exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions. There is a 60 minutes time limit.

35 correct items out of 50 are passing (70%). 

Scores are available on MYCSUEB within 3 weeks of the exam date.  If you have not received scores in approximately 3 weeks, contact testing office before the end of the semester you took test.

Exam can be taken two (2) times to pass.  

Preparation (US-3 Cal State & Local Gov.) - Suggested Reading List:

  1. Field, Mona. (2013) California Government and Politics Today, (14th edition). Publisher: Pearson. ISBN 978-0205251780
  2. Gerston, Larry N. & Christensen, Terry. (2014) California Politics and Government: A Practical Approach, (12th edition). Publisher: Cengage Learning .ISBN 978-1133587651



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