Math Proficiency Assessment (MPA)

Math Proficiency Assessment is for students who intend to enroll in MATH 120 (Pre-calculus) or MATH 130 (Calculus I).  See your Math and Statistics Pathways.

Eligibility:  Fulfilled or ready for GE math courses.

For questions about eligibility, please contact an advisor.

NOTE: The Math Proficiency Assessment is not transferable to another university or college.


  • Students who have a score of 600 or higher in the mathematics section of the SAT I Test OR a score of 26 or higher on the American College Testing (ACT) Mathematics Test are eligible to enroll directly in MATH 120 or MATH 130.
  • Students who have received a score of 3 or higher on the AB Advanced Placement Calculus exam are eligible to enroll directly in MATH 131 (Calculus II).
  •  If you are not sure what math class you need to take, consult your freshman advisor or your major advisor or the degree plan for your intended major.

Math Proficiency Assessment Scores:

  • A score of 78 or higher qualifies you to enroll in MATH 130 (Calculus I).
  • A score of 63 or higher qualifies you to enroll in MATH 120 (Pre-calculus).

Your score is valid for one year from the test date. 

Procedure to complete the CSUEB Math Proficiency Assessment 'Online':

  1. Register for ALEKS: Go to ALEKS and follow the steps to create an ALEKS account. You need your CSUEB Net ID and Horizon email address in order to register.  (If you think that you might need Alternative Accommodations, please contact  ‘Accessibility Services’ and 'Testing Office' before creating an ALEKS account).  There is no charge/fee to you for the six-months period. You will have unlimited use of the learning modules and the ability to take up to 5 assessments. For general information and support with ALEKS PPL, go to Aleks highered math or ALEKS Support or call 1-800-258-2374.

  2. Complete an Initial ALEKS Assessment: To launch your placement assessment, you must first enter the password: SPRING2024. The assessment is 2 hours and does not allow for the use of a calculator. You may have blank paper and pencils.

  3. This assessment is proctored remotely using Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor. Respondus LockDown ensures that you cannot use other websites, email or messaging. Respondus Monitor uses a webcam to record your test session and flags any suspicious activity. To use Respondus, you will be asked to download an ALEKS specific plugin. 

    After you have launched the Respondus LockDown Browser, you will be guided through the steps to take an assessment. 

    Please do not wear a hat, have your ID ready, be sure your testing area is clear of any other material and take the assessment alone and honestly. The video session is saved to review by the faculty & staff.

    Once you complete the assessment, ALEKS PPL will display your score. The ALEKS program will send scores directly to the Office of the Registrar. 

    Regardless of whether you received the desired score, do not exit the program until you click “Next” below the cut-score chart to see your strengths and weaknesses.

  4. Use the Prep and Learning Modules:  If you do not achieve the desired score, use the learning modules to strengthen your understanding of challenging topics.

  5. Taking Additional Assessments: You may take up to 4 additional assessments after the initial one. Each attempt is proctored in the same way as the initial assessment.

  6. ALEKS scoring: A minimum score of 63 allows for placement in MATH 120 (Pre-calculus); and a minimum score of 78 allows for placement in MATH 130 (Calculus I).

    If you do not achieve a minimum score of 63, you will be required to enroll in MATH 115E (College Algebra with Extra Support), and complete the class with a grade of "C-" or better, prior to enrolling in MATH 120 (Pre-calculus).

It is strongly recommended that you complete the CSUEB Math Proficiency Assessment prior to your attendance at the Orientation.

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