ATI TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills)

All scheduled EXAMS have been cancelled until further notice.


The ATI TEAS consists of four content areas: Reading, Mathematics, Science and English. The test is 3 hours and 29 minutes in duration with a total of 170 questions.

TEAS Subtests
Subtest Time Allotted # of Questions
Reading 64 Minutes 53 Questions
Mathematics 54 Minutes 36 Questions
Science 63 Minutes 53 Questions
English 28 Minutes 28 Questions
Total 209 Minutes 170 Questions

Important Information

To take the ATI TEAS exam, visit ATI Testing and 'Create an Account' to obtain an ATI Paper/Pencil ID number that looks like: A12345678 (it starts with the letter "A" followed by eight digits).  Print and bring your ID number on the day of the test.  This is a unique ID number for each candidate taking the TEAS test.  

For TEAS Computer Version, students are required to bring their valid log in information i.e. ATI's user name and password to take the test.  There will be no extra time provided to access this information on the day of the test.

Calculators: The ATI TEAS will allow for the use of a four function calculator.  For paper pencil version, the Testing Office will provide a four-function calculator.  For the online version, a calculator is embedded within the exam. 

Test administration takes approximately 4.5 hours.  Students are required to remain in the room for the entire test period and/or until they are dismissed.

Scores are automatically posted online at ATI Testing under the examinees' account in approximately 6-7 working days.

Online Registration confirmation/Admission Ticket

There will be no admission ticket for this test.  Please print your online registration confirmation for location, room number and time of the test 3 days before your test date.  For questions about the test, contact Testing Office via e-mail at least  72 hours before your test time.

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