1. How long does it take to complete the coursework for a Statistics Certificate? Most students take one or two courses a quarter and can finish in one year.

2. Do I have to start in Fall Quarter? You can start taking courses toward a Statistics Certificate in any quarter.

3. Where and when are classes offered? Classes for Statistics Certificates are held only at the Hayward campus. Applicable courses are offered every quarter.

4. How do I apply for admission to the CSUEB? Complete the CSU Mentor Graduate Online Application at Since you are interested in the Certificate Program apply for the MS Program in Statistics and Statistics Certificate for your Emphasis/ Concentration.

5. Do I need to be admitted to CSUEB to complete a Statistics Certificate? No. The Open University program allows students to enroll in classes without being admitted to the University. However, Open University students may pay a higher fee than matriculated (admitted) students and cannot register for classes until the sixth day of the quarter. To download an Open University application and for enrollment instructions, go to:

6. What are the Grade Point Average requirements for earning a Certificate?You must earn a grade of "C" in courses numbered below 6000 and a grade of "B" or better in 6000-level courses. A grade of CR (in credit/no credit grading) is acceptable for one course numbered below 6000; CR grades are not acceptable for 6000-level courses.

7. Do I need to take all the Certificate courses at CSUEB? At least 75% of the courses in a certificate program and all 5000- and 6000-level courses must be taken at CSUEB.

8. Can I pursue a Statistics Certificate and a master's degree in another field concurrently? Yes.

9. If, after taking classes toward a Statistics Certificate, I am accepted into the MS Statistics program, can I apply my Certificate classes to the grad program? Yes, (1) if the classes meet MS program requirements, and (2) if the courses are taken within the five calendar years immediately preceding the completion of the MS degree.

10. Are there any restrictions on earning a Certificate? You may not receive a certificate with the same title as the degree major, option, or minor that you have already received.

11. How soon after I complete my coursework will I receive my certificate? During your final quarter, visit the Statistics Department office (Sc N229) to (1) complete a Certificate Major Check form and (2) submit your processing fee (cash or check payable to CSUEB), currently $4.00. After your form is approved by the Certificate Advisor, we will forward it and your processing fee to the Records Office. Your certificate will be mailed to you approximately 8 weeks after your final grade is posted.