The College of Science Student Service Center provides comprehensive advising and support for students in the Statistics major. The Student Services Center advisors assist students in thoroughly understanding their requirements, planning classes, and completing necessary paperwork. Their goal is to help students as they transition into university life and develop useful skills to complete their degree. The Center also supports students in other majors with routine and general questions.  

Statistics and Biostatistics majors are highly encouraged to meet with their Faculty Advisor each semester (see the list below)! This is incredibly valuable time where you can get helpful suggestions and information regarding classes, research at East Bay (and other universities), and future career opportunities!

Advising / Coordination Name Location Email



Undergraduate Advisors

Eric Fox Sci N 303
Eric Suess Sci N 319
Jiyoun Myung Sci N 319
YanYan Zhou Sci N 318
Li Zou Sci N 303
MS Biostatistics Advisor Sheng-Hua (Kelly) Fan Sci N 318
MS Statistics & Certificate Advisor Joshua Kerr Sci N 229
Minor Advisor Li Zou Sci N 303